ForeverALoan, part supreme + innovative NFT Incubator??

By 6IX9INE | [DEFI]CIT BLOG | 5 Jan 2024



ForeverALoan, a play on the idea that the wealthy keep us forever in a loan by making us feel as if we are forever alone.

I refuse to comply though, because we aren't alone, and all my loans are paid off.


The foundation of the project lies in the azuki battle tested PBT (PHYSICALLY BACKED TOKENS) EIP allowing for a physical item to be tied to an nft.

With this tech FAL plans to roll out a bi monthly merch drop of only 250 units with 100 of those going to djinn holders.


Now the NFT itself the Djinn, are really well made for pixel art. They represent the 4 houses within F.A.L, which you get ""sorted " into when you join the project.

Only 100 people will ever be included in the phase 1. Each house is going to work together over 3 months to bring an MVP to market in the Solana mobile dapp store, innovating and putting real effort in the saga eco, the right way.


The winning project will recieve a 5k grant (plus bragging rights) and be given the respect and title of winner


Man I've been in a lot of nft projects but this one hands down is a wild separation from the normal grindy bs.

Giving it a 9/10, as long as everything is respected along the way this will be a legendary story 

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