Dustin Stockton and $LAPTOP are making a difference in the world through Crypto.

By 6IX9INE | [DEFI]CIT BLOG | 21 Feb 2024

Today we are going to go over a project with real purpose.


Starting as just another meme coin on Solana, and eventually being taken over by political activist and strategist Dustin Stockton.

This token that was meant as a joke to make fun of Hunter Biden and the Laptop he left at a repair shop, has become a movement amongst some of the biggest in the crypto space. Couple that with the support and strength of the political powers behind it this token has become a voice for crypto, and a voice for freedom.


Currently at a 5 million market cap this token is running so hard and holding so strong which is quite difficult for Solana tokens to do. Being pushed by Cabal Founder Erik Stevens as well as Spaces Legend @KingOnEth, this Politi-Fi combo has done something I've seen very few projects do in my career and that is make a real difference IRL.

The things found on the laptop ( which you can see at ) are deplorable and not fit for the son of the president of the United States. The project has preserved it's contents on its site ( the password is password) and has made it it's MISSION to bring these things to light and eventually to justice.


It doesn't matter what side of the fence you are on, spending $900k on hooker's, smoking crack, and having sex with what look like children isn't right, ESPECIALLY FOR THE SON OF THE PRESIDENT.

I have personally sold my entire portfolio and invested every penny I have into $LAPTOP and recommend you do the same tbh, because this more than marketcap, this is about getting our country back.


$LAPTOP is a community run project designed to illuminate corruption.


X profile:


CA: HLwEJQVzs7SvjXuXpBTRHaLp5S6uWoWTUhLjJxBfy1c7

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