$HMOON - HALFMOON gains $LUNC Community Support with Solo LP Pairing + Luna Classic Burn

By 6IX9INE | [DEFI]CIT BLOG | 23 Jan 2023

There exists an ENTIRE ecosystem within the Luna Classic Blockchain. Not dev's that dipped during catastrophe but blockchain warriors that continue to build upon the Terra Legacy.

The HALFMOON team recognized that and chose to create a support mechanism, $HMOON.


With ONLY a $WLUNC pairing the $HMOON token is un-snipeable, un-Front Runnable, and requires you to first buy $WLUNC, and then switch into the native HALFMOON.

We saw this techinque work with massive success in project "Half Shiba Inu".

Almost ungrateful feeling, it was from the Shiba Inu audience it seemed. However upon approaching a few LUNC whales who wish not to be named it was clear that these guys were at a different tune.
With 2% of every transaction going to buying and burning LUNC - WE HELP REDUCE THE SUPPLY!

$HMOON is set to launch later tonight, and i'm pretty excited.



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