$BAPE Founders Encourage Growth and Development of Yuga Labs / Fracton Protocol Communities

By 6IX9INE | [DEFI]CIT BLOG | 8 Feb 2023



After seeing a flurry of the "half" meta where a token is paired ONLY with a specific token other than eth, we've seen half shib, half doge, half btc, etc.

See, tapping into a SPECIFC community and creating buy pressure for their project allows us to onboard $BAPE holders very efficiently.

Alongside the as yet still on the table partnership with Bape.com this token and its community stand to see a real 100x-1000x at here now at the start of the bullrun.





ONLY having an $APE Coin LP pairing removes the threat of sniping, of MEV bots, and creates enough intrinsic value for the assoicated community that eventually earning their support becomes inevitable.


That's not the only trick up the Bathing Ape community's sleeve, as a reflection token for $hiBAYC a portion of every transaction will reflect back to holders thereby giving everyone the chance to own a part of a bored ape.


The Fracton.Cool Blue Chip Fractionalization platform is impressive as it is, and this only brings together 3 of the largets communites in crypto, BAYC - $APE Coin - Fracton.


So the community has decided to increase the holder count and general awareness of the protocol in reverence of the innovative technology.


There will be 10 Million Tokens, with LP locked and Contract renounced after the first 24 hours.

You will starting second day recieve 2.4% reflections from every transaction - and 2.4% will go towards operations and building our community.

Max Wallet is 2% and the TG is https://t.me/bapeofficialportal

With as many angles this project is covering i very rarely see this level of preparedness not launch to 10 Million +

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