When is the Best Time to invest into Yield Farming

When is the Best Time to invest into Yield Farming

I always say that its all about timing in crypto trading and investing. As the whole world is embracing the crypto currencies and some countries are even regulating the crypto exchanges so there are higher chances of crypto booming.

What has to be done?

The number of Decentralized Finance Yield Farming farming platforms are increasing each and everyday, some are Ethereum Based and some are Binance based. I am into Harvest Finance that is the one i am using bu i am going to invest in in Venus again. I think i should have both Binance and Ethereum based because the network fees on Ethereum are chowing.

Since the market is still bearish it is wise to accumulate as many tokens as possible through yield farming. You can spend a few dollars and buy some tokens then deposit them in the liquidity pools. If you are a member of publish0x you can let your money work for you.


You just your earned token e.g your iFarm token you deposit them into Harvest Finance and Ampleforth you can deposit and stake it on their site ampleforth and you accumulate some more using your earned tokens.


Though there are high risks involved with investing so you should be careful and take your time and dig dip to find info relating to the company you are investing with so that you will not lose your money.

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