Top Cryptocurrency worthy to invest in

Top Cryptocurrency worthy to invest in

When it comes to investing it is not all about just jumping into a moving train without knowing its destination. Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) is the greatest weakness of the majority of traders, when they see an altcoin sky rocketing, the first thing that comes into their mind it buying that asset. That is the greatest mistake, instead you have to research on the altcoin you are looking forward to invest in and check the following:

  • Coin Supply
  • Market Capitalization
  • Coin Price

Coin Supply

Coin supply is a major key when it comes to the future of an altcoin. Some coins when they are launched their supply will be too much and for that reason the price will take longer to make a huge move. So that one is not supposed to be missed when deciding.

Market Capitalization

This one can be used to measure the adaptability of the coin on the market, to see how much trust does investors have on the asset in question. Capitalization is also affected by the coin supply, if too much coins are being traded then the total market capitalization will increase e.g the total market capitalization is now $2,074,097,086,165. and with this investors now have faith in the crypto.

Coin Price

Lastly the current price of the asset to b invested, if you are not a millionaire then don't expect to invest in bitcoin and become a millionaire. The price of bitcoin is so high and only the rich can become richer with it but if you are among average investors then you have to look for coins which has low prices and buy as many as you can. Someone who bought 25,000 Doge coins for $100 for $0.004 in 2019 today he has made $8,150 profit.


The list of coins i believe are the best to invest in are as follows:


It is a private coin created in 2012, it currently cost $0.0008899 per coin and its market capitalization$163,335,473 with 184,066,828,814 BCN in circulation. This coin has a potential of rising and make you rich make sure to add it to your portfolio.


It is a file sharing token and it was bought by the owner of TRON. It is currently on number 28 which is a good sign of adoption, its current price is 0.008 and it has market capitalization of $5,279,878,677 and 659,952,625,000 BTT are in circulation.


It is a meme coin created in 2013, it is now sky rocketing and its price is now $0.33 with market capitalization of $42,108,673,182 and 129,265,966,024 DOGE are in circulation and it is now ranked at number 6.


This one is a must have because it has a brighter future, it owns the file sharing BitTorrent and other altcoins now runs on its blockchain. It is on number 18 and the price is $0.13 with capitalization of $9,487,187,213 and 71,659,657,369 TRX are in circulation. These are my top 4 investments you can look at them maybe you can see their potential.



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