5 Tokens You should consider Investing In

5 Tokens You should consider Investing In

I thought maybe my passion for analyzing financial market will just end there but well it never did. I have now developed so much luv for crypto currencies and now i spend most of my times analyzing the crypto assets finding the most promising to invest. I came up with a short list of tokens i see promising big returns in the long-run.

  • Maker (MKR)
  • Harvest Finance (FARM)
  • Venus (XVS)
  • Compound (COMP)
  •  OctoFI (OCTO)

I want to keep this articles short and precise so that i just highlight all you need to know when making an investment decision. When i am making my researches for me to consider a crypto assets i just look at the: Market Capitalization, Total Supply of Coins and Lastly the Price. Market Capitalization should be high or if not is has to be promising, Then coins supply has to be low as this will create demand and the Price will eventually rise.


Maker (MKR)

Market Capitalization: $4,879,713,526

Total Supply:995,239

Price: $4,903.06

Maker is a governance token and it was created in 2017. Its launch prize was around $24 and now its being traded fore $4,903 per coin, you can see how much it has moved since 2017. With its low supply of 995,239 it has higher chances to surpass $50,000.

Harvest Finance (FARM)

Market Capitalization: $96,455,565

Total Supply: 563,624

Price: $179.85

Harvest Finance has much lower supply and with that the demand will be high so as the price. It has an all time high of $2,236.04 and i am sure soon it will surpass that and it will reach $50,000 in years to come. Now its currently trading at $179.85 and i thing now is the right time to acquire as much as you can, as for me i am thinking of having 5 FARMS.


Market Capitalization: $1,228,604,138

Total Supply: 30,000,000

Price: $126.18

Venus is performing pretty well in the crypto market and its capitalization has surpassed $1.2 Billion which is so promising. The supply is not that bad and the price is still affordable, Its worthy looking into this coin


Market Capitalization: $4,166,714,509

Total Supply: 10,000,000

Price: $820.93

Compound has a high rate of adoption as we can see its capitalization in sitting at $4,1 Billion which is a good sign. Its supply is limited at !0 million and it is being traded at $820, its never too late to jump into this train. Today it set an all new time high of $878.14, i see this surpassing $25,000 in a few years to come  and surely it will pay the bills.


Market Capitalization: $47,688,743

Total Supply: 800,000

Price: $59.80

This one is still fresh, since last year October it managed to rise from around $11 now its $59 per coin and just looking at its low supply of 800 million it small and it low price its is manageable to buy a few token considering its low price. The capitalization is still small but i see great future in this.



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