Buy Compound at 50% sale off on The Syndicate! (24 hour only)

The Syndicate Listing Event for COMP with a $500,000 USD allocation at 50% OFF

The Syndicate event is NOW LIVE - for 1 day only (25 Aug 6AM UTC to 26 Aug 6AM UTC)!

Follow these 3 Easy Steps in the next 24 hours, to subscribe for COMP on The Syndicate:

1. Stake a minimum of 5,000 CRO (in the Stake & Earn tab) 
      Note: the more CRO you stake, the greater your potential allocation.

2. Trade at least USD$5,000 worth of volume

3. After completing steps 1-2, follow this link to subscribe for COMP on The Syndicate before Wednesday, 26 Aug 6AM UTC

First time participating? Check out our step-by-step visual guide here!

Sign up here if you don't have an account                                                                     rewards for new subscribers to the CRO stack


Note : For every 5000 CRO you stack more, I will send you an additional $20

Listing Event Timeline:




You need at least 850 USD to buy 5000 CRO for stacking, and 500 USD to buy COMP with 50% sale off, you earn :
50 USD in CRO, 500 USD in COMP, 20% ARR daily CRO staking = 550 USD + 83 CRO

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