Things are heating up in $WHALE Poker with another 250 $WHALE at stake! Learn more how to participate!

$WHALE Poker is Heating Up! 250 $WHALE at Stake!


Last Sunday over 60 participants went head to head in our weekly $WHALE Poker tournament. On the line, 250 $WHALE tokens worth $2.60 USD each (at the time of this writing), making the total pot over $600.00 USD. The battle went on for two hours and tensions were high. With the chips collected - the first place winner took 100, 70 for second, and 30 for third. Additionally, 50 tokens were handed out during the event for all players.

With last week over, a new week and challenge begins! Another 250 $WHALE is up for grabs. Do you have what it takes to become the next Whale Poker Champion? Join us for our next event starting on 8/23 at 9 AM EST (1 PM UTC).

How to Play:

$WHALE Poker is free for our Dolphin members. In-game chips are handed out to players, no additional funds required.23b3c75138345025541a5274144ac075539e3947d286449f334e290f2048241a.png

To become a Dolphin is simple:

  1. Join the Whale Discord
  2. Obtain 10 Whale Tokens
    1. Swapped for ETH via Uniswap
    2. Obtained through Whale Discord participation/airdrops
  3. Purchase a Dolphin Subscription for the month via Discord for 10 $WHALE
    1. In the #bot-commands channel enter “$store buy dolphin
    2. When asked to confirm, enter “yes"
    3. Jump in the #Whale-Poker channel in our discord and type !poker for installation instructions
    4. Wait for Sunday!


  • All subscription fees are reimbursed at the end of the month
  • Dolphin subscription fees increase by 1 $WHALE per month

Other Dolphin Benefits:

  • Access to the #Dolphin Discord Channel
  • Ability to participate in other contests/games to earn $WHALE
  • Random $WHALE Airdrops

What is WHALE?

Whale is a community of NFT enthusiasts. Our social currency, $WHALE is backed by tangible and expensive NFT assets owned by the community. The assets are stored in our vault which includes some of the rarest NFT(s) from projects such as Gods Unchained, Cryptovoxels, The Sandbox, CryptoMotors, and many more. Additionally, the vault also contains valuable digital art and ethereum name services. To learn more about $WHALE and our community, come hang out with us in the Whale Discord channel! 

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Decryptolorian - Play to Earn Game Tutorials

Gaming aficionado, Cryptocurreny connoisseur, NFT Bounty Hunter. Follow me on Twitter to see the latest bounties:

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