How to maximise crypto earning - Tips & Tricks

By Keilun | Decrypto | 25 Mar 2020

During these troubled times of uncertainty, economical instability, fear, we are still evolving.

Whether or not Bitcoin will become the digital gold, cryptocurrencies and DeFi are getting closer and closer to becoming mainstream.

That is a good thing, because it allows “normal” people to benefit from this new form of earning.

What I’m going to present is not a way to become rich, but if done wisely it can earn you enough to cover for some expenses like your internet or utility bills.

The basic concept is not new at all, but it seems to me too much often overlooked: compounding.

Quoting the great genius Albert Einstein, “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it ... he who doesn't ... pays it.”

Though 100% true, I think there is one more thing we can add: interest is not the only thing we can “compound”.

We can feed multiple ways of earning one into each other and compound them for better gain.

Let me give you an example: I’ve signed up on for a Visa Debit with cash back. When you spend with it, you get some percentage in cash back, which is not a new concept, but this time it’s in cryptocurrency form.

MCO Visa Card

There are multiple tiers but the basic one (free) gives you a decent 1% cash back.

Then you have the option to stake any amount of coins and earn interest, percentage based on how much time you “lock” your coins.

Staking means the holding of crypto in your digital coin wallet for an agreed period of time in return for rewards.

This is step no. 1.

The next is to sign up for another cash back service like Lolli (for BTC cash back) or Cashbackworld (for fiat cash back) and make all your purchases through that service. Then you transfer and convert all the cash back you get into CRO ( token) and staked for interest (which at the time of writing is 14% P.A.) each month.

Not so simple, right? Well, it’s actually not that complicated, but it needs you to understand better the functioning of, which I’ll describe in much more detail in an upcoming article. App

The “Earn” option in the app allows you to lock your coins for a certain amount of time. The best one for me is the 1-month stake, which gives a better control of your investment while keeping a good interest rate. For example, CRO stake is 14% P.A. for 1-month plan with interest paid each week. Instead of spending that interest, you wait for the end of the stake and then re-stake the total (capital+interest) again for the next month. This is basic compound interest.

This way, you’ll get all the cash back from the card combined with the one from the second service and pool everything into a stake for more gains.

If you live in the US, there is also a service called Pei ( that allows you to link your card directly for cashback, thus giving you an extra step to gain more cash back.

Basically, every purchase made with your card will give you crypto cash back from the card (based on the card tier) but also from Pei AND Lolli (for example).

I recommend you to research for more local services and find the one that works best.

All the links here are referrals so I will really appreciate that if you sign up for any of these services you do using these links as it will give us both some rewards!

Please comment, I really appreciate any feedback to improve the quality of this blog!


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