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Why Read.Cash could be better than Publish0x?

By Googler | Blockchain RESEARCH | 9 Dec 2020

I joined to a few days ago and I'm shocked what happens there since I led them a few months ago. 

If someone doesn't know anything about RC, it was a blogging platform where users earn Bitcoin Cash by earning points commenting, liking, and everything they do they got points which at end of the day convert into BCH and that's it. It was amazing amounts of money that users got daily, without tips. The tipping system is unlimited and anyone can tip you with as much as you desire. However, when they changed their Reward system and instead of points, they put some bot named @TheRandomRewarder who read every article and give them tips. After that update RC users can earn just by publishing short and long articles. Okay, still you can earn commenting if someone tips your comment.

However, this update is not that bad as I think then.

Now, on RC you can earn without any view, like, or follower. Random Rewarder tipped my first 5 posts with around 7$ in BCH and he still tips them every few hours.



As you can see, my last 3 posts were published in one day and they don't have any views.

Now imagine you join RC and publish your first post. Your post should be nice long with photos and all of that. After you publish you got 1$, do you know what you can do with that 1$? You can withdraw them to your BTC wallet, you can tip someone or you can promote \ boost your post if you think that can bring you more tips from users. I mean, if you have nice and useful content 

However, on the Publish0x you can earn 0.01$ for 2 or more tips from readers if they tip you with 20% and you can get around 0.01$ if someone tip you with 100% tips. And that's the only way. I mean, Publish0x is the father for every blogging platform but it doesn't need to be your only platform. We can write here and there.

So, if you want to become an RC publisher too, go HERE and join us or click on the line under:

Thanks for your priceless attention and have a good life!

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