Who trade on Binance?

Who trade on Binance?

Hi, there... I'm relatively new to trading and I really want to get these skills and tricks to become a real trader, you know, wake up and start working for a living sitting on my PC, watch the market opportunities, and all of that. It's my dream job that I searched for whole my life every hour in a day, for more than 15 years.

But, I suck at focus, fears, self-doubt, and everything that cause ignorance. Also, one of the biggest obstacles is the lack of money that I can trade. A few days ago I got 15$ writing on the Publish0x and that money I converted into a 35$ that I got right now with just a few trades.

It kills me, you know. Because I have always been some kind of trendsetter generally in life. When I buy a nice t-shirt, shoes or anything, in a few next days everyone will start buying the same things. So, when I made my first trade on Binance, I bought 9 UNI tokens for 1.30$ I think and in the next hour, I sell them for 3$ each I think. First trade :)

However, in the next few days and few smaller trades, I converted all my balance into ETH and focused on earning more to be able to trade as a man, not losing time for a few bucks with small day trades. Now, I wait for a new payment from the P0x, this time around 20$ :)


I want to ask you if you are a trader on Binance, is there some effective strategy that you use to grow, or do you have some tricks for someone who's new?

If you are, please leave a comment :)

Also, if you are willing to donate some coins and speed up my practice period, leave a comment too :)

Thanks for your priceless attention and have a good life!

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