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Have You Ever Heard about UHIVE, the First and Biggest Metaverse Social Network that Pays Users??

By Googler | Blockchain RESEARCH | 24 Dec 2021

Yes, it's a big thing... Actually, I heard about it long time ago but then I didn't know what it is and I think it's like scam or something.

Thing is that now it's large project and I jumped in again, of course 😏

For about 2 days, my profile looks like;


However, it's amazing exploring whole thing...

So, what is Uhive?

Uhive is the 1st and biggest, serious Metaverse social media platform like Instagram, Facebook, etc. It's amazingly interestng, futuristic and have bunch of inovativne features that will blw your minds.

Surely, the most important feature is actually earning system.

Well, how Uhive pays it's Users?

Uhive have it's own token with the same name - Uhive, which cost like 0.003$ 🚀


You can easily buy tokens, as well...

You have reserved 200 UTokens as welcome gift 🎁 and daily steak bonuses like 100, 300, etc... I just recieved 2nd bonus of 300 tokens which is like 0,5$ or something.

Also, there is main focus on engagement rewards where we earn Uhive tokens for being active.

There is much more things to say but I didn't catch them all so for now it's all I'm going to tell you.

Yes, there is Referral program, as well.

Every1 on Uhive world have unique code that brings them 💯 tokens every time when some1 enter during registration.

It's like main reason why I'm telling you all this 🙃 I have an idea that you gonna like.

Whoever enter my referral code and become my referral will get about 1$ worth of any crypto or token.

You have to enter 9SY0I5, follow @factz profile, hit 5 likes on a few posts and comment something nice. When you do that you can contact me through Uhive's chat on Factz profile.

Anyhow, that's it...

Thanks and have a good life!

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