The first episode of ZLFTalks is launched on YouTube now

The first episode of ZLFTalks is launched on YouTube now

By Deba215 | DebsCorner | 4 Sep 2020


ZLFTalks: A blockchain based talk show to create global awareness about blockchain released the first episode which featured the CEO of Project NOLE – Mr Kevin.

In this episode you will get to know about:

  • Kevin's personal and professional journey
  • An insight into NoleCoin Ecosystem, It's team & vision ahead
  • Kevin's source of inspiration
  • The secret behind building a global community
  • Kevin's piece of advice to our audience
  • Success principles of building a blockchain ecosystem

You can watch the episode at:

About the Anchor: Bhavana Bhatia


Global emcee Ms Bhavana Bhatia is already a renowned anchor and curator of international repute. Over the past decade she has hosted many global events and speaker including the likes of Mr Changpeng Zhao (CEO of Binance), Mr Narayan Moothy (Founder of Infosys), Mrs Priyanka Chopra (Hollywood & Bollywood Star). She has done events for global brands like Accenture, Manchester United, Apple, Reliance, Samsung, Nokia, Volvo to name a few. Check out this video to know more about Ms Bhavana Bhatia:

You can subscribe to the YouTube channel to watch future episodes at:

To know more click on:


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