Cryptocurrency traders on Uniswap have paid Ethereum fees totaling nearly $ 220 million.

By ideaw | Deaw | 23 Aug 2020

Latest information from the website EthGasStation Has shown that there are crypto traders on the web A decentralized Uniswap ride has already paid about 17,700 ETH for gas or fees on Ethereum's network, or nearly 220 million baht ($ 6.99 million). There is no control over it, so those who wish to make a transaction will have to pay a fee to the network for sending orders.


The second most widely used coin is the Tether (USDT) coin, which already has a combined figure of approximately $ 6.39 million, while the popular ChainLink coin is ranked 8th.

The Uniswap trade site seems to have got people all over the world extremely excited in recent weeks. As more and more participants in the crypto market are seeking to buy a large number of altcoins, however, the site has faced the emergence of counterfeit cryptocurrencies. That rose like a mushroom With the fact that the said web is decentralized As a result, no one can take control. And traders have to be careful with themselves


However, the Uniswap trading site has helped to make the market Decentralized finance (DeFi) is going to be a huge boom in 2020, where we have seen a massive increase in prices on the DeFi protocol network similar to that of the 2017 ICOs, and that's why. Prawns of Ethereum fees and network disruption.

However, with the arrival of Ethereum 2.0 expected to arrive soon, it may help to address the problem of expensive fees and such network congestion as it is a change in the transaction verification algorithm on the network. From proof of work to proof of stake


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