Shahin Medical (SML) Coin 21 Dolar Airdrop

By emretrly | D | 24 May 2020


Airdrop Description

Free currency distribution
100 SML will be awarded to each participant. For each Referral you get 2 SML.
Each participant needs to complete the tasks below, Tokens will be distributed after ICO ends. 01 August 2020SML coin started to be distributed at $ 21. It will be distributed free of charge as 100 SML. It is a coin that is exchanged on the Crex24 exchange. Erc20-based wallet is drawn free of charge. Such an airdrop has been arranged to add value to this coina which has a certain price and volume and to reach more users. May 31, 2020 is the deadline for participation. When you carry out the transactions below, 100 SML coins will be reflected in your wallet when distribution begins.



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Airdrop Link

Airdrop Join link 100 SML TOKEN

  Shahin Medical Web Link    

Shahin Medical Contract Information

Contract address 0x138537DDba70aB69C05497b89Ee2e34F9201DCec

Symbol SML


Decimals 18

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