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By emretrly | D | 24 May 2020

Today I will tell you about the Luckyfish site, which is a very nice site. This site has Faucet and Bonus features, so you can earn free cryptocurrencies. There are many games on the site, you can increase your balance by playing these games with your faucet. You can also make unlimited faucets by making very nice gains by making deposits. I made a nice deposit by depositing and playing with a small amount of investment.

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After registering on the site, you can click on the Faucet section at the top to get free bitcoin, ethereum, dogecoin litecoin etc. you can earn many cryptocurrencies. You can benefit by depositing for unlimited faucet.


There are weekly bonuses on the site, these bonuses come to email. You can take advantage of these bonuses. There is also a weekly contest, giving a weekly prize to those who bet on most games.


At the top of the site, you can click on the Deposit section and select the crypto money you will make and deposit. Deposit is instantly taken into account immediately after confirmation from the network.


In the same way, you can click on the Deposit section and enter the address and the amount you want to withdraw from the window. The shots are approved in 2-3 minutes and taken into account. I shot ETH, it didn't take 1 min. Investments and shots are really fast.


I initially invested 0.00455499 ETH on the site, and with the luck of it, I made 0.15 ETH and withdrew it. Then, I invested another 0.02534824 ETH and made 0.04251906 ETH. Even if you say which game I did this, I have a game called CRASH .


Crash game is very simple. First of all, we open the Crash game and come to Bet Amount at the bottom and enter our bet. Then you write how many xs you should get in Payout place. For example, if you wrote 3, when the pointer comes to 3x, you win 3x your bet. Bets start from 1x to 999x. I caught 30x 40x. You can even see the picture below 327x. Manual and Auto options are available.

Let's say you wrote 30x instead of Payout, but the needle was 14 and 15 was afraid, so that it will not come to 30x, then press CRASH OUT and get the gain from how many times the needle is.

If tactical, wait for 2x gold to come 3 or 4 times, then start betting. If you have written 3x from Payout section, if your bet does not come up 3 times, increase it to 6x to 10x.

NOTE: Before investing, it is better to click on faucet and get free crypto money and try the site and the game after you solve the job.

Good earnings.

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