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By jimmyg125 | Day Trade crypto | 4 May 2021

1. What is day trading? 

1. Day trading is the act of buying an asset at a lower price and selling within the same trading day in hopes to make a profit on that asset. These assets can be stocks(WMT, APPL, ex), Cryptocurrencies ($LINK, $ETH, $BTC, ex), or even precious metals like gold or silver.  No matter the asset the goal is, all the same, to buy low and sell for a profit. 

(1) Example; Jimmy buys Ethereum($ETH) because he hears on the news that a major US bank will now use the token to pay international fees.

                     Jimmy buys 1 $ETH token at 3000 USD 

                     Mass amounts of people rush to buy $ETH after hearing the announcement on the news

                     The price of $ETH shots up 20% making it worth 3600 USD 

                     Jimmy sells $ETH and collects 20% profits on his initial investment.

(2) Example; Jimmy has been studying charts 

                     Jimmy sees Chainlink($LINK) will start an uptrend 

                     Jimmy uses his knowledge of the charts and buys 1 $LINK token for 30 USD 

                    $LINK continues on an upward trend and shots up 33% in 4 hours  and is now worth 39.9 USD

                   Jimmy sells and collects 33% profits on his initial investment. 

These examples demonstrate two profitable and successful day trades. one showed day trading based on opinion or outside events and another day trade based on knowledge of trends and charts. Note that it could have been the other way around and Jimmy could have lost money. 

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my name is jimmy, I love crypto and love to be my own boss

Day Trade crypto
Day Trade crypto

My objective with this project is to try to make some profits with just day trading crypto.

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