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house party love

The Night I fell in love

By Sutra | Daunting Fiction | 18 Apr 2020

It was just me and Karina. Everyone had left the party but well she stayed back and promised to help me clean up the mess.

Out whole work team in New York decided we wanted a break. A weekend party was what we needed to get that break from our coding cubicle world. My love life was pretty non existant at that point, sure I'd get the girls talking but after that they pretty much became my good friends. Yeah they would come over for netflix and chill but nothing would happen after that, it was boring. Anyway let's get back to the party plan.

So I was living in a house that had a beautiful roof top. It is really a budget friendly place. There's no rich guy in the neigbour hood, it was just a place out of sights from the real estate profit hunters.

So since we just had around 25 people on our team, the location was set, it was going to be at the roof of my house. I was nervous as hell. Sure I had put in parties for a couple or maybe 10 people but 25 was too much to arrange everything.

My friend Jess agreed to help me out. She was the sweetest thing, always friendly to me from the start. Jess came in on thurday evening after our work time. I was expecting a shocked reply from her when she saw the mess in my house but she was sweet about it too. "Hmm wow this is not what I expected to see ! Well atleast it's better than what my boyfriend lives in". I was a bit relieved, atleast I'm not the only one living a lazy life I thought. I drove Jess back to her house and came back home. I just could't sleep that night thinking about how my boss and the girls I've dreamed about would think about my place. I was tidy for the day but I don't have the fancy stuff most people had. I was afraid of judgement.

Anyway it was friday evening. "See you at your house in the night Jim" said most of my colleagues. Every short good bye felt uneasy.

So the party started and it was great. To be honest I bought all the drinks and I think I bought way too much. Everyone was having a good time and drinking like there was no tomorrow. I had also arranged a dancning area on the roof with fancy lights. Most people told me it was like the best club they've ever been to.

So there were all these girls and then there was Karina. Jess and I talked for a while and Jess began to move to her friends. I noticed Karina grabbing some snack from the open table. She had her friend along too Rita. I took a huge breath in and approached her. Now Karina and I have never talked a good conversation before, like never. The first day she introduced herself to the team and even me but nothing felt special about it. But every day I'd notice Karina as she entered the office. She smelt like a flower. She just livened up the mood in the office. I didn't know at the time if other guys were into her.

Karina wore a beautiful black dress that night, she looked stunning. With her equally black eyes, she was the cutest girl ever. Her hair was long and she dressed pretty decently although her dress would hug her body pretty tight.

As we talked I just melted into her sweet voice. After every word she spoke I just wanted to ask her if she could sing the most romantic song that she knew to me. But I was trying to focus and make sense of what she was trying to tell me. It was hard. My eyes flew across her, from her lips to her eyes and then to her neck. It was just something that was so subtle yet seducing at the same time.

We had a great conversation that night. Karina had noticed some of my artwork that I hung in the house and it felt like she was hooked onto me. She always had this dream to learn art and express herself using a canvas. I literally explained her all my childhood and how I got decent at putting my ideas onto a paint board. She was listening to it all with wide open curious eyes and at one point she even sat down, put both her hands on either side of her face and just looked at me in awe.

It was 3 am, and every felt like that was enough for the day and each of them bid me a farewell and left the house. The house was a mess now, with throw away cups and plates everywhere. Everyone had left at this point except Jess and Karina. Jess gave me a stern look on my face. There was no emotion in her at that point, she kind of knew what was going on. She smiled for me took my hand in her hands. There was no words exchanged , it was like she said "Hey it's going to be ok". That care was what I needed at the time. She left after casually saying "See you on Monday Jim".

Karina just stayed there sitting along side me on the couch, she was ready to fall asleep right there on the couch. She just looked so gorgeous and I just couldn't believe how much she had a trust in me to just lay down into my arms and fall asleep. She hadn't drunk much but yeah theres a point where we just can't fight against our instinct to sleep. But I felt happy that night because she felt comfortable enough to sleep into my arms and shoulders. I enjoyed that moment. I knew I was in love.


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Daunting Fiction
Daunting Fiction

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