DatingVerse NFT Minting: Audit Completed before Launch!

By Zied Chaabane | Datingverse | 14 May 2022

What is DatingVerse ?

Dating + Metaverse,is a dating app like the usual dating apps but crypto and NFT based!
Datingverse is bridging dating from web2.0 to web3.0.

The development and technology of metaverse is still in the early stage, and every metaverse product is still unable to take into account all scenarios such as work, game and social at the same time.

In terms of product experience, imagine this. We enter the product, immerse ourselves in the virtual world and look for your favorite date. After meeting her in the public space and starting to talk, you can take her to your space in the Datingverse or directly to her space. This way, from a public space then enters the private space, private interactions in the private space we can not expand here, you can imagine yourself.

In terms of product analogy, you can think of Datingverse as a product like Decentraland + Vrchat, where users can roam and make friends in an open metaverse like Decentraland, but then it's more like Vrchat when you get into Dating Space, because There are so few things to do in Decentraland. With Dating Space we allow users to have a better interactive experience, but also allow them to create private space instead of having all their moves exposed to everyone's eyes like in Decentraland.

Dating Space, which was mentioned earlier, is relatively similar to vrchat, but we have something unique to offer. We will put more emphasis on the interaction during the dating process, and will tend to do so in the development of our products. We may be the first blockchain metaverse that can access erotic interactive hardware. At the same time, we focus more on anthropomorphic visual experience in terms of 3D style and scene content, rather than a particularly cartoonish scheme like Meta. Of course we also consider sexual harassment and other issues, so in the open map, we are going to do a lot of restrictions, but in the private Dating Space, users can make more and more daring exploration.

To support this vision, we need an economic system to incentivize and complete transaction payments, which we call her “Dating to earn”, as well as anonymity technology to ensure privacy, more content assets to enrich UGC, and finally VR to ensure the experience. The application of these technologies together support the birth of the Datingverse as a specific scenario.


How to participate ? 

The opportunity to participate in Diamond Mint.


To Enter:


Why is Audit important ?


We are honoured to announce that our audit has been completed just days before our launch!

Our minting smart contract has been audited by Ether Authority.

EtherAuthority's engineering team has been helping blockchain businesses to secure their smart contract based assets since 2018.

Audit in general  has secured billions of dollars worth of assets through security services. 

  • Safeguard us and our investors funds
  • Audited projects have higher longevity in the market
  • Millions of worth of assets are at stake, all the bugs and flaws must be fixed before going live on the mainnet
  • An audit acts as a stamp of trust and authenticity for investors.

Through this process we wanted to make sure that we had provided our users safe and reliable smart contracts for stress-free transactions and overall interactions with Datingverse Platform.

Datingverse added refunds and burning to smart contracts of NFT through innovative moves, as evidenced by.

  1. Refundable. Allows minters to make refunds within the refund period, at the mint price.
  2. Burned. All NFTs that are refunded no longer go to the public market. They will be automatically sent to the black hole address for burning. This is equivalent to increasing the rights of those who keep holding NFTs.

In the future, we will make open source available to other projects to protect the returns of investors. Click here to learn more about the audit!

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Zied Chaabane
Zied Chaabane

An Executive MBA Holder, a bachelor’s degree in finance and the Co-Founder of YalaCoins, Zied spent all his time advocating for Bitcoin. He created awareness and trained people in the MENA Region to know more about cryptocurrencies. Zied is a professional


Datingverse is a metaverse built for dating. In datingverse, users can experience rich dating scenarios where they can meet their favorite dates, interact privately in dating scenarios through VR+ remote hardware, and make money through dating.

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