Industructable cryptocurrency

By daoodaw | KANNYWOOD | 10 May 2020

will are not centralised and many tokens fail to provide. Some with no (KYC). But it all same the bitcoin it self have no much regard from its baground maybe due to the miners inability to obtain liecense at the beggining.

Coin Cover has created what it describes as one of the world's first cryptocurrency wills, with CEO David Janczewski saying it is unsurprising some people have taken these assets to the grave up to now.

"Cryptocurrency is one of those odd things which is very private for a lot of people. If you acquired yours early, you might actually have a substantial amount of money. You might be worried about your personal security," he said.

"And nobody thinks they are going to die. Nobody plans for that eventuality. And therefore, when that happens, maybe you haven't told your family members exactly how they should recover it."

The scheme sees people carrying an "indestructible" card which has information about their cryptocurrency, as well as others they give to their beneficiaries.

If the holder dies, their loved ones or an executor contacts the firm with a unique number on the card, along with a death certificate. Coin Cover then investigates and retrieves the funds.

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