Token Review — $DERO (English)

By DarrenAlex | darrenmology | 7 May 2021

Token Review — $DERO

What is $DERO?
$DERO is the first proof-of-work-based DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) coin, similar to $NANO but with fully anonymous transactions. The average block time is twelve seconds and is secure against 51% attacks. It's the first CryptoNote blockchain (coins that aim to solve Bitcoin's major problems) to support smart contracts on its native chain without any sidechains or secondary layer solutions.
Balances and transactions are completely private on Dero's blockchain, and the goal of the Dero project is to become a blockchain network that can serve businesses and individuals around the globe, allowing for secure, fast, and anonymous transactions and smart contract execution.

Features of $DERO
• 12 second block time
• Cheap transactions
• Immutable transactions (DAG+PoW)
• Fully anonymous transactions
• Fully anonymous smart contract platform
• CryptoNote coin
• DERODAG (blockchain/DAG hybrid)
• Double spend immunity
• High TPS

Advantages of $DERO
$DERO combines Nano, Monero, Ethereum, and Bitcoin.
Nano — Dero uses Nano's technology, upgraded to be more resistant against spam attacks and secured by PoW
Monero — Supports smart contracts, in addition to other features
Ethereum — Private execution of smart contracts
Bitcoin — High TPS, anonymous transactions, cheap transactions

How does Dero address Nano, Monero, Ethereum, and Bitcoin's disadvantages?
Nano — Nano doesn't support anonymous transactions nor smart contracts, thus rendering it unlikely to be used by many people as transactions are public.
Monero — Doesn't have smart contracts and has a block time of 2 minutes
Ethereum — Not anonymous, high transaction fees, slow confirmation times
Bitcoin — Slow, expensive transactions which are not anonymous

Why isn't Dero the #1 cryptocurrency?
• No active marketing campaigns
• Small community
• Bitcoin and Ethereum has the first-mover advantage
• UX still needs improvement
• Wallet hasn't been published on the Play Store/App Store
• Not much information about Dero
• Anonymous team

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Personal Notes
Dero currently sits in rank 500. As a result, there's still massive upside potential. This is still a high-risk buy, even if the fundamentals are solid. For now, I'm moving 12.5% of all my Nano holdings to Dero (some to $VITE and $HTR) in the hopes that the price goes up a lot. It's already listed on KuCoin, so it's really easy to buy. I can guarantee you if they start to market their coin, it'll shoot up to the top 50.

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