Some Sites To Earn Crypto Bonus 2023 (Always Updated)

In this article we will see some old and new offers, where it is possible to take bonus in cryptocurrencies (by signing up and depositing). I will also present some other services I hope useful to the community.
Some ref bonus are very well known, however for beginners and those who have missed some, it is never too late to start.
Let's remember that in 2013 when BTC = $ 200, well now $ 20 of the times is at today's exchange rate of $ 2,400.
Whether you are trading or an accumulation plan... you remember that BTC is a limited asset! We must accumulate! I remember that the best exchange and the cheapest one remains Binance. Using the referral link you will have discounts on commissions (which will be almost free): Binance

𝕃𝔸𝕊𝕋 𝕌ℙ𝔻𝔸𝕋𝔼 (May 15, 𝟚𝟘𝟚3)

All sites and platforms have been tested by the writer of the article and are paid. No scam. Any site that turns on the "ref flag" will be removed. In any case always do your research first (DYOR)


I will be adding new sites all the time! We the ░M░O░O░N░! 🚀 #DYOR

✅Fusionist= For the moment, only the social component is present on Fusionist (Sign Up), where by performing social tasks it is possible to earn Pulse Points and NFT. Through these events it is also possible to earn the $Ace token which will be distributed to the community via airdrop. The game is a tripleA and has great hype. Behind it is Binance which has already listed some NFT. It is possible to earn pulse points for free (Endurance Chain is still on the testnet).



✅ThetaTV= Are you a video game streaming lover? Do you make videos on Twitch? You should definitely try ThetaTV (Sign Up) which will allow you to earn tokens (Theta, Tfuel, Coin) and NFT (badges and emotes) by watching or streaming. To use ThetaTV you just need an email and a password. You can find the complete guide here: Will ThetaTV Replace Twitch? Tfuel, Theta And Coins (Web3)



✅Arbitrum Second Airdrop= I'm editing this text regarding Arbitrum because the airdrop has already been given (snapshot February 6, 2023. For more info: Wen Arbitrum Token? Now! Sell Or Hold?). If you followed my guide you got the airdrop, congratulations! I believe there will be a second Arbitrum airdrop. How to take it? If they follow the same criteria as Optimism, you'll need to hold some $Arb and use the chain. Optimism awarded the second airdrop to those who had spent a little gas fee so the advice is to continue using the chain! I recommend interacting with this layer 2 and especially with the GMX derivatives and spot exchange. Here you can find a guide: How GMX Works On Arbitrum: Here's Why You Should Use It! I To transfer liquidity to Arbitrum you could use Across which gives you back part of the bridge fees with their ACX token: Across Bridge



✅Tribe3 (Testnet: free and 0 fee): it is a platform that will most likely airdrop its token and will also reward those who use its testnet with other rewards. Basically you use Goerli Testnet (again from Metamask) and you receive 20 TETH (by pressing on "rewards") to try the platform and trade. You choose an NFT project (Bored Ape, CryptoPunk, Azuki, Doodles, etc) and you have to go "long" (if you think the price will go up) or "short" (if you think it will go down). Leaderboard points are updated after a few hours. Enter my referral code [ JUCAKBE ] to earn Tribe3 points on Tribe3.



✅ZetaChain Airdrop (Testnet: free and 0 Fee)=It has already been confirmed that this protocol called ZetaChain will launch its token. A part of the supply will be given to early users who will use their testnet. You can swap every 7 days. Every 7 days you earn ZetaPoints which will then be converted into their token. Zeta is a testnet. Swaps are done with free tokens on BSC, Polygon and Ethereum Testnet. To get free tokens to swap you can use their Discord server: ZetaChain Discord (Zeta Faucet) using the following command in that channel --> Zeta faucet drip 0xaddress (replace with your Metamask address)
To get free native tokens with which to pay the gas fees (remember that everything is free but you need the testnet free native token), you can use these faucets: BNB BNB Faucet, gETH Goerli Faucet and Polygon Polygon Mumbai Faucet. To get 7000 free ZetaPoints immediately, use this link: ZetaChain Testnet (For Airdrop)



✅Ethermail Airdrop (Free)= It is a web 3.0 service concerning anonymous and secure mails. Early adopters take 250 EMC which will become their token in the future (they will be converted to EMT). They have integrated strong partnerships with Unstoppable Domains and Ethereum Name Service so it's a must-follow dapp! Get your EMCs before it's too late! The token is already reported on CoinMarketCap but there is no price yet. Ethermail (Sign Up)
You can learn more here: Send Secure Mail And Get EMT Token: Ethermail (Web 3.0)



✅Unstoppable Domains=If you know the history of Apple's domain (website) regarding iPhone (the story of Michael Kovatch) you also know why you should buy some domains on Unstoppable. Kovatch had registered that domain ( before Apple created its smartphones. When Apple realized that that domain had already been registered by someone... it started making $ 1 million offers to Kovatch.
Search and buy on Unstoppable... domains of companies and famous people in the world of crypto, could be worth a fortune in the future! 


There is also another reason why you should be interested in buying some domains: the airdrop. A site similar to Unstoppable Domains (Ethereum Name Service) created its token and airdropped it to those who bought the domains (a minimum of $ 15,000 per person!). You can learn more here: Unstoppable Domains Will Give An Airdrop Like Ethereum Name Service?
From November 2021 it will be possible to claim these domains by paying the fees in Polygon (Matic) therefore practically free. Domains cost anywhere from $20 to $100! You are looking for what could be worth a fortune: holding and maybe one day... (they can be sold on OpenSea): Unstoppable Domains



✅Sorare= It is a blockchain game based on Fantasy Football. When you register you can receive "common" cards that will allow you to participate in free tournaments and to understand how to play.
Later, if you decide to compete in tournaments with many prizes up for grabs (even 1 ETH), you need to buy cards (divided into limited, rare, super rare and unique). These NFT (based on player performance in real life) will allow you to participate in dozens of tournaments with many prizes (other cards you can sell in the internal market and rewards in ETH).
By registering from the ref link you are entitled to 10 common cards, then if you win 5 auctions (to participate in tournaments with prizes), you will receive a surprise limited card! When I signed up they were giving the rare cards (from several hundred dollars, today they are giving limited cards. If you invite friends you can receive unique cards that have a value from $ 600 to $ 200,000! My rare card with ref link (I then sold it for $213 --> 0.055 ETH):


Then I received Maguino, a limited card:


If one day we get tired of playing, we can hold these cards or sell them! The big update of 2023 is new thresholds with rewards in ETH and rights to the English Premier League! Sorare (Signing Up)

For a guide and know how it works: How Sorare Works: The New Era Of Fantasy Football (NFT)

If you love MLB Baseball you can also participate in this new version of Sorare dedicated to baseball (limited card free after 7 auctions won). You can learn more here: MLB Comes to Sorare: Rules, Rewards and Best Players (FantasyBaseball), My First Month On Sorare MLB: Prizes And Roster, My Situation On Sorare: Premier League, ETH Threshold And MLB Rewards Won and Many Prizes In ETH And Cards On Sorare: My First Month On MLB 2023


Now the NBA is here too! The operation of NBA tournaments is analogous to football and MLB baseball. Again you get a limited free card if you win 5 auctions. The link to receive your free card is always the same: Sorare (Signing Up)


Guide: NBA Comes To Sorare: How To Play And Trade NFT


✅Starkware (Stakex/Starknet): this is an Ethereum layer2 used by some dapps including Sorare. They have announced that they will be launching the $Starks token. The criteria are not known but it is very probable that the Sorare community will also be awarded. Attention! The criteria are obviously not known, they are my speculations and personal opinions. I am not part of the team and cannot know which eligibility criteria will be used.
For more info: How StarkWare Works: StarkEx & StarkNet. Stark Token For Sorare Community?



✅World Super League: It is a fantasy football similar to Sorare, albeit very early. The community is still small, however it is possible to earn credits (to spend in games), cards (NFT) that can be sold in Noku (the chain's native token). For now the game is "free to play" and it is possible to play with common (free) cards which however are burnt (you can only use them once). It is also possible to buy packs where you can find premium cards that you can use in all tournaments or sell. To sign up go here Noku (Sign Up), instead for the ref code 7F8C9F7


For more info: The New Fantasy Football: World Super League On The Noku Chain (Complete Guide)


Torum=Its' a social platform (like Facebook). Write posts, comment on articles, like, invite your friends, carry out simple weekly missions and earn the XTM token! Reached the first 100 points, then all the missions you do will allow you to earn XTM. There are daily, weekly, monthly missions (follow a certain number of people or be followed) and invite your friends (30 XTM if they verify the account).
You can also trade XTM on PancakeSwap. The token market cap is still very low! Great opportunities for growth and income! Here: Torum (Signing Up)



✅Trade Republic= Through this app you can receive 1 stocks (random bonus). The bonus ranges from € 5 to € 200. You must KYC and top up at least € 20 via credit card, google pay or bank transfer. I received € 20 of Ethereum. You can sell bonus stocks immediately and withdraw the deposit and bonus (to your credit card in your name). Ref code: s0hfd6mb (you save ref code), Link: Trade Republic (Sign Up)



✅Coin98 (Non Custodial Wallet)= You can download the non custodial wallet coin98 (Binance Launchpad token) and earn X-Points (for each swap/trade you make. You earn X-Points only if you trade or if your ref trade). X-Point is just a point reward system (like other loyalty programs) and only claimable for prizes / tokens through X-Store. Here to learn more: Coin98 (Info)
It currently supports all BTC, ETH (Erc20 and Erc721), TOMO, Tron (Trc10 and Trc20), Binance Smart Chain (Bep20), Binance Chain (Bep2), Solana, Polkadot, Kusama, Huobi ECO Chain, Near, Avalanche, Band, Polygon, Cosmos, Kava, etc 
The more trades you make, the more X points you earn! If you reach 100,000 x points you can apply to become a partner and earn the monthly rewards (in C98 token! C98 you can trade it on their app, on Binance and on many other exchanges).
Download the wallet (Android or iPhone. Here: Coin98 (Download Wallet) and enter the ref code: C98K4DPS8C





✅Next Earth= Through Next Earth it is possible to buy land and monuments. It is a metaverse play to earn in the launch phase.
The minimum cost per square of land is less than $1. Here I made a full article: The New Metaverse With Land and Monuments: Next Earth. You can buy land with a 5% discount using this link: Next Earth



✅NBX Exchange= Through this Norwegian exchange you can get a $ 17.70 bonus in BTC if you are Scandinavian or $ 5.75 (rest of the world). No deposit required (only KYC). I recommend trading in ADA (withdrawal fees are 1.20 ADA, about $ 1.60). I recommend accumulating some bonus (family and friends) before withdrawing. NOK (0.11$) is the norwegian currency. NBX Exchange (Signing Up)



✅Bitmex= Bitmex until 1 year ago was the largest crypto exchange for derivatives and futures. Now Bitmex is opening its "spot" section with earn and launchpool and has decided to launch its token as well. The token will be given to the community: airdrop for old and new users. You get 5 BMEX. Don't miss this opportunity: Bitmex (Sign Up)



✅ Nexo=Nexo is also a Lending platform like Ledn, BlockFi and Celsius. Promo: "For every friend who reloads $ 1000 or more, we'll reward you both with $ 100 in BTC". Here for signing up: Nexo



✅ CakeDefi= they talk about cashflow but the operation is the same as BlockFi and Celsius (lending and borrowing, so by depositing you earn interest). What does it take to get the $ 30 bonus?

1) registration with KYC using the ref link

2) deposit of at least 1 satoshi (I put 10 cent of Dash in order not to pay the transaction fee). Before depositing, read the new update below!


Unfortunately the deposit limit for receiving the $ 30 DFI has gone from "deposit of at least 1 Satoshi" to $ 50 of any crypto. DFI today, May 4, 2021, reached $ 3,35.

The 30 dollars received will remain blocked for 180 days (but staking at 37%!) and then they will be exchangeable on Bittrex for example. It is reliable? I will only use it to take the bonus and for the invitations...10 dollars per registration (then staking will do the rest). You can deposit Btc, Ether, Dash, Pivx, DFI, Tether or Zcoin. Sign up: CakeDefi


Some of my referrals have decided to take interest in BTC on the platform. Having invited them, I also earn a percentage (%) in BTC:



✅ On the exchange and app I can take three bonus:
1) I register at the exchange and earn a 2% bonus on the deposit made from an external wallet (up to a maximum of $ 50). Then if I put the Cro in staking I can earn another bonus (from 10 to 50 $ based on the Cro put in staking). Before depositing, you should always check the Cro required for the bonus ... because they can vary over time! To sign up: Exchange (Sign Up For Two Bonus)

2) I download the app and by staking at least 2500 Cro I earn another $ 25 bonus. To sign up: App (Sign Up For 25$ Bonus)
Here you will find a complete guide with all the functions of the exchange, card with cashback, the new mainnet, token migration, staking, NFT, DeFi projects: Complete Guide To "": Old Features, Signup Bonus, Mainnet, Token Migration


✅Coinsmart= It is a Canadian exchange. Before arriving in Europe, it launched a pre-listing where it was enough to get on the waiting list by inviting friends to take a bonus from 20 to 200 dollars (up to a maximum of 10 friends).
Coinsmart has finally arrived in Europe and has fulfilled what it promised.


I received the bonus (as seen above) then I moved it to BlockFi. If you missed this first chance don't worry because you can get a $ 15 bonus by depositing at least $ 100. You get $ 15, even for every friend who signs up and deposits $ 100. If you want to subscribe: Coinsmart (Signing Up)


✅SwissBorg= this is an app (exchange).
Bonus = $ 1 to $ 100 of BTC by depositing at least $ 50 (BTC, other crypto or Fiat Currency). The bonus is immediately withdrawable (also the deposit made). I advise you to trade the bonus in Bnb and then move to Binance. Bnb has no fee and no minimum withdrawal! Swissborg (Signing Up)



✅CryptoChallenge (Ex SwissBorg Community)= in addition to the app, we have seen above, there is also the community app that allows you to earn CHSB by making predictions on the price of BTC. There are different badges to unlock, all these badges allow us to earn more CHSB (utility token of the Swissborg exchange). What should I do?
1) Download the app ( CryptoChallenge ), enter email and phone number, enter the ref code 7MI25OA (to receive the initial 3600 points for FREE Forecast)
2) I make the forecast in "Forecast" and it will be valid for the next 24 hours choosing between "going up" and "going down" (I can choose how many points to bet: from 200 to 10000 points). Initially if my prediction is correct I will have 3600 + (points bet), otherwise 3600 - (points bet). Based on my position (more points possible with more correct predictions) I will have a higher prize (see the prize pool)
3) For each person I invite I earn points 
4) In addition, by completing all the badges I will enter the hall of fame and be able to collect my CHSB tokens (250)


To make the claim you need the Swissborg app I mentioned above. You can find it here (I also remember that with a deposit of $ 50 you get a bonus ticket in BTC from $ 1 to $ 100): Swissborg


✅Maiar (EGLD)= This year we have seen the boom of Layer1 and Layer2: Bnb, Solana, Luna, Fantom, Avax, Cosmos, Polkadot, Cardano, Algorand. Who is missing from the roll call? Probably EGLD. DeFi will soon arrive on this blockchain as well.
The developers are encouraging the spread of their token, through airdrops, obviously staking and a referrals campaign: by purchasing more than $ 200, you receive a $ 10 bonus. To take advantage of the bonus, just make the purchase on their official wallet: Maiar App (EGLD)



✅Presearch= It is a decentralized search engine. Each time you search, you receive a fraction of a $ PRE token (0,12 Pre), which is the search engine's cryptocurrency. It is also possible to receive a 25 Pre bonus by inviting your friends. The withdrawal is at 1000 Pre and can be exchanged on Kucoin (Signing Up) in BTC or USDT. 
To register: PreSearch (Signing Up)



✅Odysee (ex video platform that allows you to earn LBC tradable on Bittrex (Signing Up), SimpleSwap, StealthHex, Hotbit, etc.
Bonus = 15 LBC upon signup (LBC accumulates by viewing at least 1 second of video per day. Rewards are random and range from 0.25 to 100 LBC)
Odysee (Signing Up)



✅Splinterlands= Splinterlands is a collectible card game built on blockchain technology (Hive). It is similar in concept to games like Magic the Gathering where you build up a collection of cards, which all have various different stats and abilities, and use them to battle other players in skill-based matches (Ranking Match). By using blockchain technology, players can buy, sell, and trade their digital assets freely, just as if they were physical cards, and all transactions are recorded publicly and immutably. You can also buy NFT and earn a passive income (DEC). These NFT, as the game progresses, can also grow in value. Here for game (if you invite your friends you can also take 5% of all their purchases in the game): Splinterlands











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