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By darile | Live is Life | 25 Nov 2020


Hyip started today with sustainable plans that is based on cryptocurrency trading

Present at the moment 5 plans:
- Plan 1: Duration 30 days with annuity of 104% (4% per month)
- Plan 2: duration 90 days with annuity of 115% (5% per month)
- Plan 3: duration 180 days with annuity of 136% (6% per month)
- Plan 4: duration 360 days with annuity of 184% (7% per month)
- Plan 5: duration 720 days with annuity of 292% (8% per month)

The capital is returned upon completion of the plan.

Daily credit on your balance of interest.

Minimum deposit: 10$
Maximum deposit: 2000$

Minimum payout: 10$

Accepted coins: BTC ETH USDT

Gain from ref: 1st Level 1% - 2nd level 0.5%

I prefer to start with plans that guarantee the stability and durability for the next years of the site without promising crazy annuities and then get rid of it in a few months if not days.

It is not said that when it is fully operational there cannot be any positive changes in the plans.

Sign up here :

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Live is Life
Live is Life

I love life, my family, crypto, to earn money and happiness

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