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Investing in yourself

Investing in yourself

By Dangerous_Fly | Dangerous_Fly | 18 May 2020

Hello everyone, welcome to my side once again, it is Dangerous_Fly again and I bring to you another life changing and motivational article titled investing inyourself..

Please try to follow up with the article and make good use of yourself to change the society in which you leave in.

Let's get going;

So what at all is investment??

There can be many definitions but I prefer to use this one ,the action or process of using or risking some amount of money for profit or betterment of something..

Before we dive in to the matter of the day, let's divert a little and learn something new because this is more important than another thing you would read here so pay close attention and digest every detail

Let's move!

A lot of people perish in this life because of just a single thing

They lack purpose


The moment you don't have a purpose for living, the moment you start dying. That's when you see men living a purposeless life. You move in whatever direction life throws you in. The main thing I'm talking about here, is to have a purpose for living. Don't just live and pass away like some did without any impact.This is what I have seen in lots of people these days, most especially the youths.

Now I want you to sit down and do something for yourself.Think and ask yourself this question

What's my purpose for living??


Until you find answer to that don't stop thinking, keep asking yourself that question and keep pondering on it till you get an answer .Now let's dive into Investment....

For a good and successful life one has to invest in him or herself. I am actually going to relate investing in yourself to success .So stay tuned .

Invest in yourself;



Investing in yourself does not mean going to school and becoming a graduate but the ability to think and solve problems. Companies are not interested in your degree but your skills.Skills determine who is the man not degree so let's add value to ourselves. You can do so by learning a high profit skill like graphics design, programming, music and a whole lot.

This is where the investment takes place. You will have to pay an amount of money before you can actually get to learn these skills. People will actually let these opportunities go away without taking a step because of FEAR. Now let's see after learning the skills what next.

  • Create daily streams of income..


You can actually start to also make money after learning the skills by teaching people, doing the work of others, selling your product and other ways. You can actually a whole lot of income with just a skill by teaching a lot of people and also picking up offers from industries...


  • Start a supplementary business..


You can now start a small business where you do the work of people. You might be a worker but you can still attach the business to it. You can employ a lot of people who will work for you there then you become the "boss".

  • Invest invest invest


Then you should continue investing in yourself . I know all skills can't be learnt but try as much as possible to learn more.

Learning more skills repeats the whole process of gaining again so you earn more, impact more lives by learning more....

Let's get to the importance of learning investing in yourself (learning skills)

  • Learning something new will make you happier than before because it is going to serve as a mean of income

  • You become self-sufficient: You don't have to depend on anyone

  • You make a good impact on the society you live in . You teach the people your skills in exchange for some money and they also get the skills.

  • You help reduce crime rate : Most people will start to earn now so the mind set of social vices will stop


I think you have gone through and you have gotten it all please try to practice it if you don't and impact the lives of people in your society . Thank you

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