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Why drinking a beer in the shower isn't such a bad idea at all

By DaLuSt | DaLuSt StoryTime | 2 Jul 2021

Do you feel like getting a nice beer from the fridge tonight? Try taking it with you in the shower! That has a lot of practical benefits, and it could be pretty good for you, too.

a "shower bear", as it is best known on the internet, appears to have many advantages. For example, if you want to enjoy a nice beer with a hasty urgency after exercising, you can simply combine it with a shower. That has an extra plus, because you can make a mess in the shower, but it will still be cleaned up automatically. Besides, you can't get beer all over your clothes, so that also saves a lot of mess.

Those practical advantages are all well and good, but of course you prefer to sit with a beer on the couch, in the pub or on a terrace than in the shower. However, there is a second reason to take your freezing rascal to the bathroom: it is good for creativity.

Showering as well as drinking alcohol cause your brain to produce dopamine, a substance that makes you feel happier. If you combine the two activities, you double the amount of dopamine. It ensures that you feel relaxed and that your brain can do more creative work. Incidentally, larger amounts of alcohol in the shower do not help, so emptying a crate of lager in the shower does not make you Rembrandt


Disclaimer: This article does not promote or condone the drinking of alcohol in the shower, although I have found it to be quite an experience from time to time. so if you were to give it a try please do so responsibly. 

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