The lumberjack on the moon

By DaLuSt | DaLuSt StoryTime | 8 Jul 2021




A long time ago, a man went to the woods on a sunny Sunday morning to chop some wood. He made a large bundle of wood logs from the chopped wood, he threw it on his broad shoulders, and returned home. On the way, he met a hermit, who was gifted with magic powers. He stopped in front of the woodcutter and said to him, "Well, man, how dare you work on Sunday! Do you not know that it is written: six days you will work, but on the seventh day you will rest?"

"Come on," said the lumberjack, cursing, "I don't care if it's Sunday or Monday! If I want to work on Sunday, I'll do it." And with angry curse words jumping off the lumberjack his face, instead of the nice greeting, he wanted to walk away from the hermit. 

But the hermit was disturbed and said, "Then for punishment and as a warning to others you will sit on the moon with your bunch of twigs on your back forever." He touched the lumberjack with his magic wand, and there the lumberjack flew to the moon.  On clear evenings you can still see the broad-shouldered lumberjack sitting on the moon with his twigs on his side. 

One day the villagers of the town of the lumberjack visited the hermit, pleading him to return the lumberjack from the moon. the winter was approaching and the wood stockpile was turning low. the hermit said, "I will return the lumberjack on one condition, no work on Sundays". The villagers went into a discussion with one another and said to each other "who is this hermit to determine our workdays" But after a long discussion the villagers agreed to not work on Sundays. 

The Hermit return the lumberjack from the moon and said to the lumberjack "six days you will work, but on the seventh day you will rest". The lumberjack pointed with one of the twigs he had left to the calendar and said "it is Sunday so you are not supposed to work are you, hermit" The hermit's face changed ones more from friendly to angry ones he saw that the lumberjack was right "well then I will return you to the moon and wait for tomorrow morning"

But before the hermit could swing his magic wand, the lumberjack swings his axe and chopped the hermit his head right off. and said to the villages "So now we can do whatever we want" and the villagers cheered him on and they threw a big feast to celebrate their freedom from the cruel and controlling hermit. 



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This is a story about a young dutch adolescent who studies Biomedical Research. Join him in his epic quest to find the one thing that everyone seeks, the ever-growing need for entertainment.

DaLuSt StoryTime
DaLuSt StoryTime

Join me in my epic quest to find the one thing that everyone seeks in present day life, the ever-growing need for entertainment. follow the path to success through my eyes with lots of "made-up" stories and day to day experiences. Feel your emotions reach the highest peaks and the deepest trenches of our beautiful "mostly" blue planet. and know that the written word is the only true expression of freedom.

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