A story about nothing and the journey of 5000 words Chapter 3

By DaLuSt | DaLuSt StoryTime | 10 Jul 2021


Chapter 3: The beginning of the idea of the journey to 5000 words about nothing

There we are again, back on the train, back in the days when you normally do nothing and just sit comfortably. But no I'm going to dump a few words in a word file. What the hell am I doing? It sounds negative because I don't question it but I mean it more in an optimistic manner. What am I doing, well I'll tell you what I'm doing? I'm putting some meaningless words in a digital file? How beautiful is that, hey, you don't have to write everything now. Probably if I were to write this there would have been a much better story, then there probably was a punch line, an inspiring story or at least a literary masterpiece. But no, I decided to put it in a digital file and type it from a laptop in my downtime.

Fortunately, the human brain is already evolving into the digital age. Gradually, virtual writing will have a faster and better effect than physically writing a story. But well to get an explanation about that you just have to have a conversation with a psychologist or a behavioural scientist, I am not for that. I am simply here to waste as much of your time as possible whether you like it or not. Of course, I will be very happy if anyone or anything will read my story. It just won't make you smarter or a better person. Or maybe. It is really just about how you interpret information. In any case, it was not my intention to make you a smarter or better person. But if this happens anyway, it will be nice for you. And I'm certainly happy for you. But I suppose you feel like you've become dumber and a worse person by reading this. Then I have something to say. don't be so negative and cheer up. It will all work out in the end. Unfortunately not with this story because I have no idea how long I will continue typing in this file. Probably not too long. I forget or just don't feel like typing further. Eventually, my head will have something else to do. Prepare a project or simply prepare something else. but for now, I'm still typing in this digital file.

Do you like to read this? Probably not, but you will probably keep reading this to find out if I'm going to tell you something remotely interesting. But as I said before, the chances are pretty small that I will tell you something that is worth your time. But I still want to thank you for reading. Even if it is of no use to you. It is still a waste of time. And now you may not need to talk to someone because you are reading this. People are less likely to bother you when you are typing or reading something. That is a beautiful thing, isn't it? so, what I am actually doing is not only wasting time, but it is also forming a possibility to avoid social contact. But on the other side, it is much better to have social contact with the people around you, your brain has a much more positive experience with social interaction than if you read something. But as I have mentioned before if you want to know more about stuff like that, you should read a book about psychology or make an appointment with a psychologist.

For now, you are still reading this and I must say you have come so far. I, of course, want to urge you to learn something about the human brain or human psychology or whatever. But you know what they say "the more you know the more you know that you know nothing". Also, never be afraid to be smarter than the person next to you. saying that, I am deadly aware that I will never be the smartest person on earth or any planet for that matter. But being smarter than the person next to you is a good start. Of course, you should have the luck to not sit next to a person with 5 masters and 4 PhD degrees to their name. Then it becomes very difficult although that chance is very slim. but yet again suppose that person has done all those courses in the sciences of the human body or something, then you can still be smarter than him by, for example, knowing more of economics or something. Not that I urged to do an economic education. Because I have the idea that we have enough economists in this world. We need more people who really think about how we're going to improve the world so we can live here for at least 2 trillion more years. Well at least if no problems accrue out of our reach. Like an imploding sun or a spontaneous change in the gravitational field that keeps us on our feet or something. But I want to apologize because I would keep this story as neutral as possible, in which nothing was actually said. But I am afraid that we have passed that stage now. So now I will be tracking back to a meaningless story. Or saying nothing, it shouldn't add a new view of the world to your brain. wow, how are we already over 2000 words in? On to 3000. I guess. 

frankly, I would like to go to 5000 words as the titles suggest. But I can see that, If I type about 1000 words per half-day, I could be ready the day after tomorrow. But this will most certainly not be the case. Now that I am still inspired by all of the events of the day, but maybe tomorrow I am not at all inspired by anything. We have yet to see that happens. Oh well, I'm almost on the 2300 words already so I think this week's deadline will still work, then I will spread this strange story around the world to waste as much peoples time as possible. Actually, this is a pretty noble goal. Normally you would be on Facebook or other social media at that time, at least you are reading something even if it is totally ridiculous. So this story is written with a good cause in mind even if this took me about 2500 words to figure out. The story may not add anything to your life. But you do read a story. Few people still do that in today's time. So a round of applause to yourself. You are grinding yourself through a story without reading anything useful. Still, I think you are very persistent if you have come this far. You know what, I am done for today I will continue at another time if I have more to say about nothing at all. You will maybe read more of this tomorrow or maybe the day after tomorrow. This story will probably end by itself. Well at least bye for now and until next time. 



Total word count: 2352

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This is a story about a young dutch adolescent who studies Biomedical Research. Join him in his epic quest to find the one thing that everyone seeks, the ever-growing need for entertainment.

DaLuSt StoryTime
DaLuSt StoryTime

Join me in my epic quest to find the one thing that everyone seeks in present day life, the ever-growing need for entertainment. follow the path to success through my eyes with lots of "made-up" stories and day to day experiences. Feel your emotions reach the highest peaks and the deepest trenches of our beautiful "mostly" blue planet. and know that the written word is the only true expression of freedom.

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