Every Six is Nine (669)


By Dematsror | DaKrietiv | 24 Jun 2022

Hey there.

How is life treating you and family today? It is my greatest hope, fervent prayer, that all is well with you all.

Let me take this opportunity to vent a little of the fears I personally harbor. Before I do, I would like to set the record straight, that I have no fears. I am never scared of anything in this life. The one thing, though, which earns my utmost respect is Marriage and Old age.

These two are the giants that I look up to with glaring respect. Marriage, for starters, has never been a bed of roses, given the experiences in some relationships.

Those who end up married must have endured so much, but remained strong and crossed that bridge, the which many of us have not been strong enough to get to. Personally, the few years of being in a relationship taught me enough to conclude that I may never marry.

That is not to say it's same for everybody else. This is just my opinion, based off on my experiences. I believe some people can get really lucky to find partners who are understanding enough to compromise, for the sake of the relationship, other than the their self-interests.

Also, old age is Providence Divine, but ridden with ill-health and myriads dis-ease and sicknesses. I would wish that after going through all the struggles that we have suffered and endured through youthful age while growing up, life would have been so kind and gentle on us at old age. But, no. It's never the case.

And so therefore, as you read, as you endeavor through life, no matter what your field of knowledge and research, I would like to challenge you - which you are at liberty to challenge your peers with - to research The Cause of ILL-HEALTH, DISEASE and SICKNESSES in the Human body at OLD AGE and How We can prevent Death.

Trust me when I say, I don't want to die. On a deeper spiritual level, I would love to attain a level where I no longer feel this way, but since I am not there, this is my status quo. I have so much to do in this life that I feel there is not enough time to do all that I must.

I would love to build the next revolutionary Social Media to rival and beat Meta. A way to for the world populace to trace their generations down to their very roots, a secret for the human body to rejuvenate itself after the age of 40, using the duration, while going on 70s, to evolve into a much younger, stronger, and more energetic grey-haired individual, thereby completely eliminating death.

I understand this is my space and I have the liberty to vent my inspiration and opinion, without directly offending anybody. I apologize however if this post offends any reader. Thank you.

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