Week review - work has to change
Week review - work has to change

By Nachtkater | Daily Chaos | 24 Jan 2020

Even though it's this winters coldest day so far, at least it's a bright and sunny one. Compared to the past days grey and cloudy atmosphere that's already something.

Also, it's Friday, yay!

Looking back to Monday a quick review on my goals:
- My planner is alive and filling up
- The phone still has too much stuff on it, but the App-count went down for about 20
- I managed to get one workout done, Sunday should be time for another one
- Regarding python I failed so far, only read a bit about date/time-parsing

At least one thing went well this week, my depot: about ~5% up, ~16,5% up YTD.

While this surely won't continue forever that way it's great to see the growing green numbers. And they sort of give a more secure feeling.

I wanted to touch this up a bit with another oil painting. I managed to get the stroke structure better in the picture this time.


But I kid you - actually, while I really loved working with oil on canvas, I hated doing mistakes, try to fix them and wait ages for them to dry to showcase them.
So this one was actually made with the application ArtRage. Like most of my later work, I started to move to digital for the more critical phases of work.
In my opinion, while I still prefer a pencil for sketches, digital is on par here. For touching up and finalizing, my targeted results are actually far better to achieve with working digital. Texture brushes and effect layers can make a lot of difference and really add to the style I want to go for.

My goal for this year is, to make a change at work, just as big as my step from traditional art to digital art. This took me years to find the right tools and get enough experience.

I realize, that due to this sole fact, I probably won't finish this change through the year. And that's ok. But if I gain noticeable experience with the tools I need for it. If maybe I find even better tools. Wether it may be in the current company or in another one. That's what I want to go for.


Always wanted to be a comic artist. Became a developer instead. Metalhead. Investor. Fighting for a easier and independent life.

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