Bitcoin and Covid19 [UPDATE]
Bitcoin and Covid19 [UPDATE]

By BenKenobi | CYPTOnews | 21 Mar 2020

Since the arrival of Coronavirus (Covid-19) in our campaigns, all stock markets without exception have been experiencing very sharp falls in the value of certain financial assets. 

Bitcoin (BTC) is no exception to the rule and has also suffered the repercussions of this unprecedented health crisis, losing nearly 50% of its value in a few days. Some pessimists see it as a descent into hell for the most famous cryptomony, others see it as an opportunity to buy Bitcoin at low prices before its likely take-off due to the upcoming halving.  

The general public, looking for simple, secure and reliable investments in our uncertain times, is becoming more and more interested in the world of cryptography and especially Bitcoin.

Google's "Buy Bitcoin" queries have dethroned "Buy Gold" recently, as gold is one of the most sought-after assets for its safe haven, but its price has risen sharply against the backdrop of the health crisis.

Despite its highly volatile valaur, Bitcoin seems to have a bright future ahead of it and still arouses a great deal of curiosity among people.

Nevertheless, the search engine queries "Buy Bitcoin" or "Bitcoin halving & coronavirus" have never been stronger.


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