Another way for quick Earn
Another way for quick Earn

By BenKenobi | CYPTOnews | 30 Mar 2020

Another way to earn your first cyptocurrency is to install and use the new Brave browser.

This revolutionary browser has as its primary goal the integral protection of your personal data and fights to block advertising, trawlers, popup ads and anything that harms your security and browsing speed.  

Each time you open the browser, it will show you on the home page the number of ads blocked and the amount of surfing time saved by using this browser.  

The second very interesting point with Brave is that it is associated with a cryptocurrency created especially for the browser. With the Brave Reward program, you have the choice to watch or not to watch ads sorted and selected by you.  

In exchange for viewing these ads, the Brave browser gives you a little bit of token (Basic Attention Token) that you accumulate from month to month.  


Winning BATs is great, but what do I do with them?  

This is the innovative side of the Brave browser, with these tokens accumulated on your wallet, you have the possibility to reward the sites, authors and creators of content that interests you. All you have to do is send a fraction of your winnings as a tip.They will be immediately credited to those you support.  

This brings readers and creators of digital content closer together, as they are often left out of the remuneration from their content. This is a great innovation that will allow you to do some cleaning up on the web and allow everyone to re-appropriate the digital world.  


Use my referal link to win both $5 in BAT after 30 day use.     


Enjoy and good surf


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