All crypto & ERC20 tokens in a unique wallet
All crypto & ERC20 tokens in a unique wallet

By BenKenobi | CYPTOnews | 30 Mar 2020

Witch wallet for which cryptocurrency?  

With the multitude of cryptocurrency and tokens that can be found and bought through the web, it becomes very difficult to find a common wallet.  

During our first steps in the crypto-world, many of us have created wallets for everything, often indexed to a specific cryptocurrency or a token distributed by airdrop or ICO.

Physical wallet on your computer, online wallet on exchanges, mobile wallet via android application ...

Whether install, transfer, uninstall, put on hold.  

It quickly becomes a headache when it comes to saving a significant amount of private key and recovery phrase.  

Quite often, it leads to the loss of some accesses and quantities of bitcoin, or other crypto go up in smoke every day.  

Several wallet solutions are possible in order to gather a maximum of coin in same place.


Certainly online exchange wallets as allow multi-portfolios very well enriched and regrouping hundreds of supported crypto.  

But online solutions are not the safest because websites keep your private keys and can at any time be the victim of hackers attacks or malicious acts.  

The most reliable and secure solution is the local wallet. It synchronizes as soon as you are connected to the internet but you are internally in control of your private key that you must not diverge in any way, even to your grandmother.  

One of the most reliable solutions I've tested is the Coinomi application, available on Windows, iOS and Android. Local multi-portfolio with private key generation. The Changelly service allows you to convert your crypto between them, but remember that transaction fees are not negligible.      

The main interest of a wallet is to store cryptocurrency and not to trade. If you are interested in trading, prefer online exhange type sites that charge much lower fees.  

Coinomi is open source and includes many crypto such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Zcash, Monero, Dash, Dogecoin, Litecoin, BNB and many others.


The special feature of Coinomi is that it can also hold all your Ethereum ERC-20 tokens. All tokens can be added and manually entered using the contract address.  

Coinomi therefore offers a lot of functionality and supports a very large amount of crypto.

I adopted it 6 months ago for my part. More informations :  

Which wallet do you use and for what purpose?


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