A wallpaper that crashes all Samsung devices

A wallpaper that crashes all Samsung devices

By BenKenobi | CYPTOnews | 11 Jun 2020

An image representing a beautiful landscape causes the crash of many smartphones under Android 10 from the moment it is integrated as wallpaper.
The problem, directly related to the color profile management of Android 10 has just been patched on Android 11.

Users of Samsung devices are facing a new problem, let's say very atypical.
Indeed, a simple photo representing a beautiful colorful landscape causes the crash of many devices under Android 10 when the user has assigned it as wallpaper. 

IceUniverse has post on Twitter as soon as the problem is identified

"WARNING: Never use this picture as wallpaper, especially on Samsung smartphones! This will cause your smartphone to crash! Do not try! If someone sends you this picture, please ignore it,"

It turns out that once the image is set as background, the smartphone crashes on a black screen and then the smartphone screen keeps turning on and off in a loop. Without any possibility of correcting the problem by yourself.

Rebooting the device does not bring any improvement and the only known way to fix this inconvenience is to restore the factory settings via the bootloader (VOL+ POWER) (Factory Reset) or to reboot your smartphone in Safe Mode to delete the root image file. This problem has been clearly identified on many Samsung smartphones and some Google Pixel on Android 10.

Several experts have studied the issue to determine the source of this malfunction. A journalist, Dylan Roussel of 9to5Google, tries to give us an explanation. According to him, the damage would be related to Android's management of color profiles.

Indeed, the offending image is associated with an RGB color profile while Android 10 smartphones display photos in the sRGB standard. 
When the photo is assigned as wallpaper by the user, Android 10 tries to display the image with the correct color standard without first converting it.

By forcing the switch from one standard to the other, the smartphone screen crashes. This defect has been corrected on Android 11, since there is no problem to report so far.

Unless you're on Android 11, it's better to choose another wallpaper, but I strongly advise you not to try the manipulation.
Here is a video showing the effects of this atypical bug.



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