Crypto apps - not many species in the zoo

By vandobeln | Cypto use case zoo | 31 Mar 2022

Earning and learning. These seem to be the dominant use cases for Android apps that use blockchain.

Earning means wallets, investing, checking prices. How many of these does a normal consumer need? It is nice to have the chance to select between a known brand run by a stock listed regulated company and the latest fully decentralized software project - and all the tens of other options.

Learning means, well, learning about blockchain and crypto. This looks a bit narrow. It does not require too much imagination to to power language or math learning with tokens and NFTs. Searching for something like that: 404 error.

There are a few games - but nothing mind blowing. There is a gunship themed play to earn app where many of the people commenting are frustrated about never reaching the earn part. I hope the developers keep debugging and these issues turn out to be something else than a short lived business case innovation.

Shopping with crypto is an interesting topic. Wallets connecting to service providers that offer gift cards or top ups of mobile prepaid may be interesting if you are looking for a bargain, but then again this is definitely not shopping made easy. Connecting a credit card to the wallet sounds like a much better idea. At least you have enough opportunities to spend the content of your wallet. Before you start, it is a good idea to read what other people have written about these apps. Not all software is perfect.

Then there is social media or metaverse - if you prefer the hyped term. Uhive has invested in the app. Feed with bright colors, much video, ads on NFTs, and the opportunity to build own spaces. That's the real estate part. I wonder if the token rewards and thumbs down button are enough to attract  Facebook and Instagram users. At least they try hard.

Secure messaging is a topic that resonates with many crypto enthusiasts, but after downloading e.g. Status and figuring out that you cannot have a meaningful name without investing some tokens I assume many of the 1M+ who have downloaded the app are back to Telegram or WhatsApp. When you are messaging, usability is essential.

This app journey covered some odd creations and some quite useful software. For me the biggest surprise has been Socios, an app that is built around fan tokens for sports enthusiasts. Fan tokens are your keys to discussions, special offers, voting. Creating laser focused timely content has been made easy, as the target audience consists of people who have invested in fan tokens of a specific football club or race team. With this model it is easy to remain relevant. Such innovations are great. So copy with pride if you are developing a crypo app. 


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Cypto use case zoo
Cypto use case zoo

There are already more than ten times more crypto projects and currencies out there in the wild than animal species in a typical zoo. Like the zebras and lions many crypto projects show interesting and sometimes unexpected features. The crypto use case zoo shares thoughts and invites for discussions on topics where crypto meets real life and we (the users) may want to think about what is going on.

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