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I am an average guy who likes to do his research multiple times and from multiple  sources for it to make any sense. I am not so technologically sound and as such find some articles really hard to wrap my head around. That's why I look for articles and people who can make sense without making it too complicated. I get to learn while I do my research and in the process I choose my articles to have the most simplistic way of explanation.  If you are someone like me, this might be a rewarding side hustle for you to learn and earn for yourself!

 I know Publish0x does it better than anyone else 😜

In my last article about, I did mention a follow up article on So here it is. is a blogging site that leverages Bitcoin Cash. Basically, it pays you to produce original and quality content. 

Let's dive into the WHAT and HOW of it is a blogging portal that enables content creators to monetise their work.

Created in 2019 with the objective of promoting and distributing BCH, is relatively new to the blogging space.  Its user base is comparatively small and it hasn't gained much traction. Platforms like are still in their nascent stage however, there is a strong chance that these portals will see the light of day especially with blockchain taking the centre stage. And maybe a long shot of taking over the biased and commercialised media/reporting. 

Getting started on is a cake walk. You register yourself, publish your work and start earning. 

Once you publish your work (article, image or videos), users of the network can upvote your work (tip some BCH to your online wallet), if they like what they see. You will receive these tips to your linked wallet in real time. 

This isn't the only way for you to earn. There is TheRandomReward which is essentially funded by the founders to tip authors who publish top quality original content. The date of your article doesn't matter and therandomreward can tip you anytime. runs a sponsorship program as well, wherein users who value your content can offer you a fixed amount of BCH on a monthly basis. When a user decides to sponsor an author, he/she gains recognition on the platform. The sponsor's name, picture and profile link will appear under every article written by the author. Thus, you're not only encouraging the authors on the network, but are also driving traffic to your own page. It's a win-win for both. 

Last, but not the least is the affiliate program on the network that enables its users to earn BCH. Once you have an active referral, you are entitled to 3% of their earnings & spending for lifetime. Moreover, you get 10% of any points the randomrewarder gives that person. 
All the person needs to do is sign up using your affiliate link. I am leaving mine here so you can sign up and get to it!


The innumerable ways through which you can earn on the platform-

  • Tips made by others
  •  Sponsorships
  • TheRandomRewarder
  • Affiliate program 


My two cents

Only time will tell how this network fares but in the meantime I say you hop on this journey and connect with like minded individuals. It's an excellent space that rewards you for your work. It's fair, easy to use, practical and PERHAPS THE FUTURE.

Do checkout my precious article on which pays you for your posts.

Let me know about your experience in the comments below. 


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