NOISE.CASH - Earn BCH to post/comment

NOISE.CASH - Earn BCH to post/comment

Are you bored of main stream social media sites. Maybe you are not. But what if I told you, getting paid for your posts and tweets was an option and that too in real time. Does it interest you now. If it does, then let's meet the matter of today's topic. Make some noise for Hell yes, that's what it's called.

A Lil intro about

The creators of decided to get a little louder with their micro-blogging application and it's called - NOISECASH !

READ.CASH is a platform like Publish0x where you can get paid for writing articles and comments, except Publish0x pays you for even reading the articles. A win-win here. More on in my follow-up article.

NoiseCash is built on Bitcoin Cash(BCH) & this crypto-centric microblogging platform has a wide user base. It pays everyone to use the portal. The initial impression of the platform is not great. 

How does it work?

Like other social media platforms, you can like other posts or share your posts. However, gives you the added option to tip quality content. But where does the money for the tips come from?  The company gives its users the ability to tip for free. They have the money and they're giving it to you (FREE OF COST) when you post on Users can also tip from their wallets for quality content. It is instantaneous and all you need is a BCH address.


My Journey

I have just started using this application and I must say this is one of the most practical ways of using your time and efforts to create noise (read content). Honestly, I was a bit lost at the beginning. The site is rather simple and that in itself can get confusing. I have already received multiple tips in my BCH wallet that I eventually had to switch off my wallet notifications.

Getting started

Create an account with a profile name. The page will have four sections at the top - Subscriptions, Chambers, Explore, Search. The profile name with a drop-down is to the extreme right. 

Subscriptions, show you the feed from the users you have subscribed to, just like the users you follow on other platforms.

Channels and Chambers, are akin to specific communities. The only annoying part however is that you have to go to a specific community to post there. You don't have the option of tagging it.

Explore, is a gateway to find other users which can be your starting point along with chambers and channels.

Search, is pretty self-explanatory.

Clicking on your profile name, drops down a menu with simple options. Nothing confusing about that. 

The only way of making your experience better is by interacting with other users. You can be creative with engaging posts and nice comments.  

Interaction on the platform

You can interact by sharing your posts, commenting on other people's posts and by liking other people's posts which show up as hearts. Liking or hearting content is your way of showing appreciation and a way of tip distribution by the system. You can also renoise other people's posts similar to retweets. Remember though, when you renoise directly, all tips, hearts & comments go to the author directly but if you renoise with a comment, then tips are shared between you and the original author. The hearts & comments come to you.

So, all in all, there is only to gain and nothing to lose from

Follow me on noisecash and let's connect!

I forgot to add, you don't have to be a crypto enthusiast to be on this platform. There is something for everyone from photography to art to food, they've got it all, so come on board!

See you on the other side!



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