Google Dorks! How to make google work for you!!

By TheViscountG | Cybersecurity Basics | 14 Jul 2020

There are many features of google most people do not know how to use despite how much we use it! Today we will be discussing the topic of google dorks. Google dorks are commands that can be typed in the search engine to improve the accuracy of your search queries.


the syntax goes [*dork*:*keyword*]


Example: a cached search of would be []

[cache:]Displays pages stored in the cache of the google database

[link:] This will show pages that have links embedded to the specified web page

[related:] This will search for pages related to but not necessarily the page itself 

[info:] This displays info google has stored about a page

[allintitle:] This will ensure the results have all of the keywords in every result or return no result at all

[intitle:] This will try to keep it so the results have the keywords in the title of the page

[allinurl:] This examines the url of the results and only brings back that which includes all keywords in the url

[inurl:] This will constrict the queries to containing the keywords in the url

[location:] this will find info for a specific location.


All of these can help you navigate the web in a faster more efficient manner. 

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Cybersecurity Basics
Cybersecurity Basics

I took a hiatus from here for quite a while. I have come back with new knowledge and education. I am now a highly skilled ethical hacker and will share cybersecurity information, but not exploitation or hacking. I do not want nor will I make liable myself or publish0x by publishing offensive security. This will be blue team perspective.

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