New update about Cyber Chain.

New update about Cyber Chain.

By Dingox | Cyber Chain Smart Contract | 13 Sep 2020


Welcome all TRX fans.




New update about Cyber Chain.

Yesterday I introduce you to this new (Cyber Chain) peer to Peer smart-contract.
Today I will give you more important information about this peer to peer smart-contract.

I've talked to several active people from this platform and the people who makes the most TRX fast are people there buying more than LVL 2, the most active LVL are 3.

Therefore, buy LVL 3, the reason are many people only buy LVL 1 and do not get anything, because the first and second LVL, take longer to make profit and LVL 3 give a nice boost.

LVL prices.:

LVL 1 100 TRX

LVL 2 200 TRX

LVL 3 400 TRX

*all TRX prices are without fees.


Link to if you want to get started:


Why should I believe it? 

Reason number 1: They cannot drain the contract, because there are = 0 TRX in the contract.

Reason number 2: You earns TRX without do anything, you will receive people from the group above you and from below you.

Reason number 3: You can also make it go faster by inviting your friends and acquaintances.

Reason number 4: The spot you are buying are forever and should only be purchased once.

Reason number 5: You only need 106 TRX to start earning more TRX, buy more to make it go faster.


If you want to be on an active team and earn faster, feel free to use my ID 6426. my link are below.



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Cyber Chain Smart Contract
Cyber Chain Smart Contract

Cyber Chain - Smart Contract Earnings Tutorial. The best Peer To Peer Contract to Invest your TRX in and make fast earnings. Without losing your investment.

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