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Favorite Crypto YouTubers

By CurlyCryptoGurl | CurlyCryptoGurl | 13 Nov 2021

My favorite Youtube personalities who speak of Cryptocurrency. 

Please keep in mind they are all great, but you might not think so if you aren't using their strategies. 

It all comes down to what your goals are.


A brief overview of strategies: 



hold on for dear life   HODL is short for “hold on for dear life” and it's a popular term among crypto investors. Although it looks like a funny misspelling of the word “hold” — and some say that's how it began — HODL is actually anchored in the traditional buy-and-hold investment strategy.

YIELD FARMING ? (You deposit some coins on a platform and earn yield)

Definition :

"Yield farming, also known as yield or liquidity harvesting, involves lending cryptocurrency. In return, you get paid interest and sometimes fees, but they're less significant than the practice of supplementing interest with handouts of units of a new cryptocurrency. The real payoff comes if that coin appreciates rapidly." 

TRADE ? (Swing trade, long term traders, day traders, etc)


Basically, you buy and sell. Ideally, you would buy low and sell high. However, timing the market consistently is one of the most difficult things to do unless you're watching the markets at all times. Even experienced traders sell at a loss or buy at a high price. More resources 

Now that we understand we have to figure out our preferred strategy/strategies, we can assess prominent YouTubers who generally post valuable content. Keep in mind, they often like to 'troll". So you have to use your common sense on when they're being serious and when they're just making the funnys :P


Official List of Fav Youtubers thusfar


Coin Bureau

He covers every topic under the sun. 

Just follow him lol.


Defi Crypto Today  

My favorite Youtuber for explaining concepts like why Elon Musk pays virtually nothing in income taxes.
His main philosophy is to own assets, then borrow against them, and use that to invest further. 
He keeps me cracking up with his dry humor. Although his videos are long, they are long because they explain a million different strategies you can use. 
I would consider his channel for more advanced crypto people, but he does break it down.

Taiki Maeda

The go-to guy for all things related to Yield Farming.
He is a yield maxi, not a coin maxi. In other words, he goes to the farm offering the highest yields at the time.
He sometimes has interviews with leading figures in the crypto world, which are invaluable.

Drake on Digital

He covers a little bit of everything! You will definitely hear about new farms here. 
Sometimes there are so many farms you can get overwhelmed. 
"What the pants?" is his favorite quote. He makes you laugh and ends the video with an inspirational quote.
Unfortunately for me, I usually wait until after he makes a video about a new farm, tell myself I don't need to get into it, and then a week or month later that is the hottest farm. And I regret it. lol
He does actually respond to your comments!

The Wealth Tip

My favorite channel for the Terra Ecosystem, hands-down. 
He has a playlist called "#TheAnchor365 Challenge" which tracks his yearly progress of using the Anchor Protocol. 
I very much appreciate the spreadsheet he provides with his subscribers for free. 
He also covers Cardano and Kadena.


"My friend George". Trust me, if you watch this enough, it will be engrained in your  brain.
He's great because he gives relatively in-depth market analysis of the cryptospace. 
His main philosophy is HODL HODL HODL. 
Keep in mind, he is partnered with iTrustCapital (self-proclaimed #1 Crypto IRA / 401k platform offering cryptocurrencies, gold and silver within your retirement accounts.)

JRNY Crypto

Probably best for beginners because of his "Cryptocurrency guides". 
For more seasoned crypto people, he also talks about staking and trading. 
He has a free intro course as well.

Crypto Casey

She's good at explaining the basics and fundamentals in a text-book manner.

Alex Becker's Channel 

The ultimate of ultimate trolls. 
His favorite thing, besides himself, is gaming crypto, because it is not directly tied to the fluctuations of bitcoin. 
If you want to be entertained, this is your channel. 
Keep in mind, he doesn't HODL much. He mostly trades coins. 
NSFW warning.        




My least favorite channel that I do NOT recommend. 



He's been proven to be wrong more than right. He constantly shills. Just ew. 

   Alexander Lorenzo 

His videos are super long and take forever to get to the point.
He had a "Crypto Trading Challenge! Turn $1k Into $100k In Months" that I participated in.
He suggested we buy $1000 of radicle. 
Then he doesn't update it for forever, and when he finally does, he's like "I already sold mine. If you watched my videos you'd know that. Oh well. I told you guys I probably wouldn't really keep up with this anyways"
I should have just kept my $1000 worth of ETH. He does have some valid points sometimes, but he's just burned me one too many times.  Sigh.      






So what about you?
Who are your favorites and why? 

Thanks for your time! <3 

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I am a newbie of cyrpto but determined to learn all I can > : )


Whelp, we do a bit of it all. Attempts at HODLing (fancy talk for buying & holding your coins) Then we see shiny new farms and conservatively ape in. (I'm looking at you Terra and Wonderland...). Who knows what will be next. That's the fun of it. Except when tax time comes. And you cry a bit, unless you live in Portugal lol. I'm still a newbie, but I'm hoping to learn from the mistakes of others on Reddit and Youtube. Not financial advice, affiliate links included sometimes :-$A Girl's gotta eat.

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