Will Dogecoin be in Coinbase Soon?

By curation-man | Curation-Man | 14 Mar 2021

A Twitter client recently raised an inquiry that caught the attention of the Tesla CEO:

Do you imagine the Coinbase stage should incorporate the advanced cash “Dogecoin” into its foundation?

Elon Musk answered with one word:

I think it's better!

Elon Musk is no longer unfamiliar with digital forms of money.

In early February, a record from the JSC revealed that Tesla had bought $ 1.5 billion of Bitcoin.

Before that, "Elon" was constantly pushing "DOGE" computerized money, causing the cost of cash to increase by nearly 40% within 30 minutes of distributing the tweet, but the way the money was displayed was not affected much. It was through "cover" tweets. .

Elon Musk isn't the only one hoping for an advanced "DOGE" money.

There are even several VIPs who do that as well.

Rapper "Lil Yakti" recently reported that he put 33% of his spare money into "DOGE" computerized money.

The following month, artist "Jane Simmons" and singer "Snake Dog" joined the sponsor of the advanced cash show "DOGE".

Some information recently revealed that Dogecoin is better known than Bitcoin on Twitter.

The media powerhouse on advanced money "DOGE" raised its cost from $ 0.007 to $ 0.07 by February 8th, after which it withdrew to $ 0.06.


Will Coinbase interact and integrate Dogecoin money?

Coinbase has been continuously delayed to recognize new computerized monetary forms with exchanges based on them.

Meanwhile, the "Binance" stage, the Asian competitor to the "Coinbase" stage, is centered around adding as many advanced monetary models as possible.

Since all of the purchases are final which might come from the Advance Cash posting started as a joke, the bosses at Coinbase immediately failed to remember their arrangement to enable the DOGE exchange on stage.

The Coinbase phase started adding more advanced monetary forms starting in 2018, however it never came close to Dogecoin.

What can be said is that QueenBase lost billions for not making Dogecoin easy to use.

In any case, due to the instability of computerized cash, Coinbase may have recently secured its place by considering itself the white knight of digital forms of money.



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