Uniswap and Solana - What Are We Waiting For ?

By curation-man | Curation-Man | 31 Mar 2021

Today we have two great currencies who achieved great momentum during the previous period with increases of more than 10 times. Of course, Solana was the best performer, but the Uni coin and with the new update may be waiting for a wonderful launch next month.


Uniswap is nowadays the main stage of decentralized exchange and for the creator of the computerized marketplace as well.

The management token UNI, which was recently distributed free of charge to individuals who used the uniswap decentralized exchange a year ago, is currently exchanging uni coin at $ 29, which means 400 UNI coins acquired by a large number of people are currently in existence. It has an overall value of $ 12,000.

In recent days, UNI has lost a portion of its value, down from around $ 32.

However, he transformed the eagerly awaited submission from Uniswap v3, which conveys a major update aimed at changing the phase of decentralized exchange DEX into a more adaptable and capital-efficient computerized market product.

In this way, we will see positive developments in the alignment of cash with the update announcement.


Solana coin (SOL):

Solana offers an adaptive blockchain framework that highlights a large number of exchanges every second and an incredibly low exchange outlay.

In contrast to Ethereum's highest fees and moderate exchange preparation, many are looking for options, often choosing the Solana blockchain.

Perhaps this is the motivation behind the possibility that Solana will be the most popular project in 2021.

In terms of value, SOL cryptocurrency is great among other performance cryptocurrencies in 2021.

On January 1, the digital money traded at around $ 0.55.

The funds are now valued at around $ 18, which means an absolute return of around 3,200%.

It's important that the SOL digital lead is not giving any signs of abating, and with the current disagreement over DeFi and NFT, we should see the best course of action in April.



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