Trading Bitcoin for less than 80% of its Price !

By curation-man | Curation-Man | 1 Mar 2021

Today started out as a regular day for most of the clients and cryptocurrency brokers.

However, this was not the case for brokers and customers in the "PDAX" phase of exchanging digital forms of money, which is located in the Philippines.

Bitcoin exchanges for $ 6,100 in the "PDAX" :

The Philippine cryptocurrency trade "PDAX" suffered from a shortage and imbalance that resulted in Bitcoin exchanging 80% below its true cost.

And the stage announced that the reason behind this is the expansion of the exchange movement.

At the hour of the accident, bitcoin was trading at $ 50,000, yet traders had an option to get bitcoin for $ 6,000.

Although the PDAX stage had finished the tasks to fix the errors, it was still somewhat late.

Few clients took advantage of the weakness and pulled Bitcoins off the stage.

To get away from a major misfortune, PDAX required traders to return Bitcoin or risk facing legal activity.

Few customers are guaranteed to get messages with this effect.

It remains unclear what technologies are legal with respect to the "PDAX" phase.

In any case, clients accept that they have not misused any condition or rule that was settled on their part with the stage.



Large scale exchanges are constantly occurring as bitcoin whales increase their activity.

Moreover, their rally trades frequently show strong bullish signals or vice versa.

Reports via the online media prompted strong recommendations that the flaw was caused by the Bitcoin whale move.

This induced the "PDAX" phase to halt the exchange traffic, to close customer withdrawals for a short period, and then to suspend the phase activity by chance.

Clients are angry at not having the option to access the records:

PDAX efforts to control the conditions blew back as many customers have been outraged across online media.

The downtime, which lasted 36 hours, took a toll on customers and drove them crazy because they couldn't access their records.

They expressed their dissatisfaction with the loss of opportunities for exchange and the collection of misfortunes from their inability to close their positions.

In the end, PDAX provided a far-reaching report on the issue, and educated when a breach occurred in its framework and affected its customer record.

PDAX CEO expressed in a public interview:

It is quite plausible that many customers were upset about not being able to buy their opinion, as there was a bitcoin offer at very low costs.

Unfortunately, the base Bitcoins were not in the ownership of the stage, so there is nothing that can be bought or sold at these costs.



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