Tips in The World of Crypto - Personal Experience

By curation-man | Curation-Man | 24 Aug 2020

If you want to enter the crypto market, you must learn some things before investing, trading or storing.
You will not enter a gold or penny mine to easily collect money from it and get out.
The matter needs to be studied and clearly planned so as not to lose all your money, so I will transfer to you my experience in 4 years of trading and investing on the Internet in general and crypto in particular.

  • Try to preserve the capital. If you lose your capital, you will not find anything to trade with. The first piece of the plan is to preserve the capital with which you entered the market.

  • Divide your capital into parts, for example, invest 25% in Bitcoin and 25% in another currency and keep 50% Usdt. This guarantees you a successful trading and investment process if the currency price rises or falls.
    There are obvious things, but I must remind you. Do not make any decisions while you are in anger or sadness. Just turn off the laptop and calm down a little, then think about what you will do next.

  • The most important point is to trade with the amount that you can lose, I do not say this to disappoint you, but currencies are not guaranteed enough as an investment also in real life, so trade with an amount that you can dispense with and it is not necessary from the requirements of your life in order not to put on your shoulders great tension.

  • Be patient, and I will not say more than that

  • Do not take advice and decisions from others, but open websites and charts, study and decide for yourself, you are responsible for your capital.

  • Do not covet, nor will I say more than that.

  • Do not buy a currency more than once in the same period, especially if you profit from it, but wait for the currency to stabilize and decide what to do after that.

  • Look at the volume before you look at the price of the currency you buy. Volume plays a big role in determining the price of the currency in the future. The best example is the YFI coin, which rose dramatically because of its small number, only 30 thousand pieces.
    The advantage of Bitcoin and digital currencies over Forex and the Stock Exchange is that there is always an opportunity, you just have to be patient and wait for the currency to rise again.
    Study the currency in which you want to enter it well, and look at the team responsible for it and the partnerships that they have made. All this will contribute to determining the future of the currency.

  • Tenth and finally, I repeat it, be patient .....

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