Market Activity Quickly and Down Again

By curation-man | Curation-Man | 3 Sep 2020

Yesterday's market was hit by a rapid wave of activity in which most digital currencies rose and made good gains, especially the first 50 currencies in the Coinmarketcap ranking.
The currency that surprised me was the currency Ethereum, as it rose nearly 8% in one day to close to $ 500 before falling again, which heralds a promising future for Ethereum.
Expectations of Ethereum to break the $ 1,000 level soon appear to be valid.

My experience with the Ethereum currency Unfortunately, I bought Ethereum from a price of $ 150 previously, and as usual, it sold at $ 200 with a very small gain, so that the trading dilemma remains, as we consider that a simple gain in the presence of a huge rise is a great loss.

Not as bad as it should be, but it seems that the bad is that you do not find a good entry point and the hope remains in investing in small currencies or defi currencies.

Defi currencies that are still going crazy, stabilize one to rise another, and yesterday we had the most prominent currency that rose, which is the Crv currency, which rose 49% and reached $ 5.30. I also owned the CRV coin
Little gain.
But now most of the currencies are falling dramatically, including the YFI coin, which fell nearly $ 4,000.

The Uniswap platform has been a big boom for Ethereum, and for most of the Defi currencies, there you can buy any currency you want via Ethereum, but you have to beware of two things:

  • The first is that the Fee has risen very dramatically.
  • The second beware of scammers that exploit similar names to famous currencies.
My current investment:

Now that most currencies have fallen, the entry point is considered good for the following currencies: Zil, Enj and Jst.
But beware of a violent downturn that may hit digital currencies, although I am not good enough in analysis.
However, I believe in the saying "the market goes against expectations."


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