Introduction to hive Decentralized Blockchain - Earn

Introduction to hive Decentralized Blockchain - Earn

By curation-man | Curation-Man | 1 Feb 2021

Hive what do you know about it?

Hive was created nearly a year ago as it split from Steem and then led a group of developers to develop the Hive network to be independent and without any problems on the blockchain.

About a year ago, investors and bloggers started moving to Hive, where they found transparency and development.

After a few months, Hive was included in the largest electronic platforms on the Internet, where it was included in:
- Binance
- huobi
- bithumb
- Bittrex

It is currently trading over 20 pairs on different platforms.

The price of Hive reached nearly $ 1 in May, when it was listed on the Binance platform.
Now the price of the currency is about $ 0.137, and it is considered a good investment, as its price reached 0.26, when Bitcoin was at the levels of $ 6 thousand, but we are only waiting for the stability of Bitcoin.

What about blogging and profit?

Regardless of the investment, you can sign up for the Hive Network and earn by blogging and sharing.
Join here --->

Then you can write articles or publish your photographic stock or your artworks and win some coins.

Why Hive?

There are many social sites for crypto, but Hive is considered one of the best sites for several reasons. First, it is almost free of plagiarism, as they have a powerful system to fight plagiarism.

It is a good idea to write or publish a post and find it appreciated.

There are many services that are based on the hive network, including the popular game Splinterlands.

Within Hive there are many communities where you will be able to read your favorite topics or write in any section you want.

So what are you waiting for ....




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