Bitcoin is Just Historical Steps Away But ....

By curation-man | Curation-Man | 26 Nov 2020

Everyone is eagerly awaiting what will happen before the end of the year Will Bitcoin break its historic peak to reach its best performance in three years.

Bitcoin now reaches a price of $ 17,390 after it broke the $ 19,000 barrier yesterday, to return a slight correction, but it is still about $ 3,000 from reaching the historic peak it reached before at $ 20,000 in late 2017.

It is worth noting that since breaking the $ 13,000 barrier, Bitcoin has not corrected significantly as we used to before, but it is still rising at a steady pace towards $ 20,000.
Only the correction is limited to the day it was in two thousand dollars. Should he return to complete his career again?

But as we know that Bitcoin is running against expectations, will the correction return again to less than $ 10,000?

Everything is contained in the world of blockchain and trading!

It is worth noting that Bitcoin's rise this year was not due to the media hype as it did in late 2017.
Rather, Bitcoin rose in real terms due to the presence of many investments in it, mainly from Paypal and others.

To the delight of users, Altcoins have begun to respond to the surge in digital gold, and they have risen dramatically, ranging from 25 to 50%.

Before it came back and corrected by -10% with Bitcoin falling again.

And here we are waiting for Bitcoin to break the historical peak, then I think that the bottom will be 20 thousand and that Bitcoin will permanently become above twenty thousand.

The thing we fear is that Bitcoin will become a fixed asset with a fixed price value but I don't think so.

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