Bitcoin is a Storage Currency or a Means of Payment

By curation-man | Curation-Man | 13 Nov 2020

Bitcoin was created in 2009 as a cash payment method, but people do not consider it as well. Now the answer is that people consider Bitcoin a currency with a large cash stock.

After Bitcoin rose to an average of more than $ 16,000, Bitcoin storage became more than its spending, if we switched an alternative to buying Bitcoin to a Tether.

What makes it so
Which made Bitcoin a currency increased its monetary value significantly, the limited number of Bitcoin, which amounts to 21 million pieces, only, unlike Ethereum, Ripple and others, where it is available to double that.

But is there anything positive about the Bitcoin currency? Yes, it is also that the limited number of the Bitcoin currency contributed to making it with a great monetary value and reaching this price.

This is what happened with the Yfi coin, which only had 30,000 coins available and made it pounce high.

But the monetary value of the currency is not determined by its quantity only, but it is more due to the confidence of users in the currency itself and the confidence of investors.
Given that Bitcoin is the number one currency and is the basis for the birth of blockchain technology in general, absolute confidence in it makes its price continuously increasing.

With the end of the year approaching, Bitcoin reaches a new peak similar to what happened in 2017 when Bitcoin reached $ 20,000, and if Bitcoin breaks this peak by the end of the year or the beginning of the new year, it will cause a sensation and the beginning of the new decade becomes the blockchain contract.

But it is not possible to predict what exactly will happen, especially since Bitcoin is on one road while our belief and expectations are going in another way.

***But if I leave the mic for you to talk, what is the expectation of what is coming ??***

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