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Crypto Volatility And Anonymity Of Users

By EsmaSid | Crypyocurrency World | 9 Feb 2021

The eruptive nature of the cryptocurrency is the topic discussed more often and because of such a characteristic vending and merchandise is continuously stirred. Value of a certain crypto asset depends upon the demand-supply rule. To keep a certain coin or token progressive towards its competent and upto the scratch value, supply and demand is altered.


How demand and supply rule helps building market value of a certain cryptocurrency?


When it comes to demand and supply, they are inversely proportional to each other. That means when the supply is more, the demand regresses and the value of the cryptocurrency drops down. Similarly when the supply is contracted, the demand escalates. And when the demand escalates, the value of a certain cryptocurrency gets multiplied. The more the crypto asset is present in the market, the lesser is its value and demand. 

Unlike the stable currency, whose demand is stable in most cases; crypto has virtual yet powerful impact on its own value while selling and buying. "HODL" is the term used to make it seem more sensible to understand that its not fiat that would not impact while in circulation. "HODL" stands for "hold on for dear life", that means you have to keep it for lengthy periods of time which indirectly means you are responsible for the price gain and drop in crypto assets.



Anonymity in cryptocurrency:

Crypto assets are completely a different sphere that can effect the real economy of a certain region. Its transactions are made anonynously through digital enctrypted wallets and exchanges  so that these two spheres of economy do not interfere with each other. But besides this, anonymity has led devastating money scamming with no matching solution. Hence, the crypto assets are kept in highly secured places.

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