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JEWCoin is a new coin with a crypto mascot feature that Everyone is talking about

By Tanveer zafar | Cryptoz | 7 Jun 2021

In the last few months, the attention of the cryptocurrency market has been focused on meme coins, which can generate quick profits for their holders but do not protect investors ' funds from the same imminent collapse. Take, for example, Shiba INU, which for a day rose by more than 100% to the level of $0.000034, but a few days later slipped to the lows of $0.0000082. The hype quickly ended, leaving investors in the red. However, the meme coin technology itself can be used to rapidly increase the price of coins and investor profits by responding to a large number of small and large investors. The ability of the meme token to quickly attract the community is the basis for the new JEWCoin coin, which was created not as a joke, but in response to existing dummy coins.

A Jew in Every Wallet: How the JEWCoin Crypto Mascot Works

JEWCoin is a new meme token that positions itself as a crypto talisman that can protect investors ' funds from negative energy. Issued in a limited issue of 17,000,000 pieces, which is exactly how many Jews live in the world at present, the coin can generate active and passive income daily.

"The Jew Coin team went much further than the competition, involving professional blockchain developers, religious scholars, marketers, sociologists, and respected rabbis. At the exit, this allowed us to create a unique Jewish token-an amulet that can protect against the evil eye, scam, attract good luck, financial well-being, and confidence to its holders, " explains one of the founders of the Crypto Rebe project.

The start of trading of Jew Coin took place literally on May 28 and in the shortest possible time, it was possible to increase the capitalization to $10,000,000. The new coin provides not only speculative opportunities at the moment, but also guarantees long-term earnings to interested investors. The JEW token has rug-pull stability, in which 5% of all transactions are returned to all holders of the coin and are blocked for 40 years. This aspect significantly distinguishes the project from others on the market and additionally motivates users to buy the coin now.

The possibilities of the kosher crypto-amulet do not end there. The JEW token can also be used to purchase a unique NFT collection of 613 Torah commandments. These NFTs will be issued in 1 unit for 613 days, according to the number of commandments in the Book. When you buy NFT, you buy a personal digital amulet that will give you strength and confidence and will protect your investments from scams, the evil eye, and large losses! The developers of Jew confidently declare that they are ready to take all the liquidity of Shiba for themselves and distribute it among their users.

The idea of the project has already been approved by the Jewish community, supported by many influencers. Therefore, Jew Coin now has the best conditions to attract even more people, at the same time, opening up wider financial prospects for all investors.

The JEW token can already be purchased on the PancakeSwap decentralized exchange. Here I would like to note that for the first day, after the launch, the project quickly and confidently took the top 3 in terms of trading volumes, which indicates a high user engagement. And in 2 hours after the launch, the token gained about $6,000,000 in capitalization. To date, the project already has more than 1,000 holders who are ready to make a profit on the liability, the capitalization is kept at $9,000,000.

Another funny point is the main slogan of the project: "Just as every investment fund should have a Jew, so every crypto wallet should have a Jew Coin!". It sounds as relevant as possible in our time!

In addition, the project team sends part of the funds to charity in the form of 10% to synagogues, supporting Jews around the world!

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